Caught in a printing press

diskretelogik asked:

We have printing presses where I work and this is the worst nightmare of anyone who works near one.


  1. thank god i used the mark andy but really i dont know how my dad does it he’s been in tha line of work for over 30 years!! i didnt even last one year.all that mixing of colors and trying to line up all eight rollers was a bitch,and trying to keep them lined up was even harder

  2. I ‘ve also been Printing 25 years and your taught that you shouldn’t put your hands near moving parts.
    Problem is you get so used to doing the same thing day in day out that it only takes one mistake and you’re gone. Most modern presses have guards all over the place to protect you, but probably not where that poor fella worked.

  3. Ha!HA! Ha! your mean!

  4. SaturnOwner26

    My uncle worked at Nortex Press before they shut down in the 80’s and he told me about a guy that got his ponytail ****** all the way into it during a press run one night, Ive never seen anything happen like that at the TRN but he said they wound up having to shave the guys head completely bald before it was all over with, can you imagine. I have seen somebody slice the top of their hand completely open running the stamper in the mailroom before, that is an interesting sight

  5. If it was the Yellow unit it wouldn’t have coloured his skin too bad..!

  6. dougdabandit2003

    ya i work on a c700i, (a big press!) and i got my hand pulled down through the folder and nips. i had to be life flighted and everything, back to work now but i know the pain, hurts worse than anything in the world

  7. man thats a pressmans worst nightmare, for myself and crew. been in printing for only five years. work on a one color web press, seen someone inch there finger threw blankets, not a pretty site

  8. rocketlauncher2

    “Grateful for his….. freedom from the press.”

    Aha good one

  9. Dude i also have been printing for over 20 years rule #1 keep your mind on the job and your fingers away from the rollers

  10. Luckily he went in between the ink forms and not the impression. I’ve seen a guys hand come through the front side of a cyan unit looking like a pancake with fingernails… (i don’t eat pancakes anymore). I later asked him why he was looking a little blue and deflated. He didn’t laugh ,but maybe he misheard me?

  11. Yep, been in printing for over 25 years. Seen two freaky accidents.. One got his finger off. one was feeding webs into folder in run mode.. missed the cutter bar by an 1/4″.. Yep, have to be careful

  12. SILLY *******.

  13. very scarey

  14. How can you assume that it is CYAN?? It isn’t a 4-color press. For all you know it was PMS 300…ya freakin’ know-it-all!

  15. Its not “blue ink” its CYAN!

  16. A dude at my print shop was using those big green gloves and was taking out a washup tray it grabbed the glove and ****** in his hand also. could see the bones. ugh!! on a Komori 40″

  17. Be careful Ryan! I have worked 25 yrs and never want to see that, a guy at my shop a few months ago went backward between blankets and lost
    2 fingers up to the knuckle, ( on an inch )


  19. they stop pretty quick but ya im sure that buy the time you got caught and the time it took you to clue into what happend and hit the e stop your arm would be toast

  20. this is in thialand they probally dont have safty standards there cause at my place theres so may guards on the presses its not funny

  21. ive been working in a printing factory for about 7 months now and have already had a close call or 2… and seeing this vid scares the crap out of me and how this guys arm wasnt totally shattered and smashed is beond my comprehention….

  22. the place I work is lengendary for being low budget. but we look out for each other. even so there are accidents. a friend of mine let his attention wander while hanging plates on a old goss offset web press. His left hand went under the finger guard. I heard him scream from across the pressroom nearly 200 feet away, with 4 other presses running. No sir I have a healthy fear and respect for those machines

  23. Where are the guards on this machine? Non existant I am guessing? It is not worth trying to be a hero and not stopping your press and cleaning something properly. What’s the point of losing a finger or worse?

  24. It’s very true but what isn’t true is that OSHA couldn’t do squalidly dit about it as OSHA is division of the US Department of Labor and they don’t have jurisdiction outside of the USA (I’m in Switzerland) :P

  25. If that is true, then OSHA would like to know what shop your working in so they could have your company fined and make them fix the safetys.