Phun Printing Press

LordCadbury asked:

(High Quality: ) PHUN PRINTING PRESS By LordCadbury Soundtrack: Sim City 4 By Maxis/EA Recently discovered the physics sandbox Phun (get it from ) and had a lot of fun! My first video is about a printing press machine I tried to make. To start off, you arrange a set of letters to be sent to the machine. In this case it is “HELLO” :) The first lever sends these letter off for processing. The machine then orders bigger blocks of the corresponding letters to be …


  1. plz post on phunbox

  2. the letters make ‘hello’ and HAI!! XD

  3. cant you just scale the project down and zoom in more? then your pc wouldnt have so much trouble i supose

  4. lol that would be a pain. Actually, the original plan was a bit more complex with more spare letters, but it got a bit slow on my PC so I had to scale it back :)

  5. make a whole alphabet XD

  6. i cant find it D:<

  7. I wish I knew what I was doing on this Sandbox like everybody else does… D:

  8. oups sorry i confused…

  9. “phun physics 2d game machine printing press science”

    Nothing saying “street sweeper” in there.

  10. it is : see Tags

  11. Not the exact name.

  12. you see in description-..

  13. The music is “Steet Sweeper” in the Sim City 4 soundtrack.

  14. put on phunbox

  15. great job, but i think if you revised it and put a really quick version just showing what it does and then this at the end, you would get wayyyyy more hits.. 5/5 cus im patient

  16. theyoungster2

    3P1C W1N!!!

  17. I wish There was a higher rating than 5… I WOULD RATE 1000000! Awsome!

  18. Really cool! i subscribed

  19. nicely done

  20. Thanks. Yes, I made this one myself. You can read some of the design notes and ideas in the description on the right :)

  21. i played the original SimCity in the 90’s and until now i still play the latest version of SimCity.,-

  22. simcity is my all time favorite game, my dad even played that game “`”

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    the original version of Sim City is quite funny because of the very poor graphics compared to the latest release of Sim City';’

  24. SimCity is a classic city simulator game which i used to play in the early 90’s (the original version) ‘-*

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