Guy get nuts while printing

tnsdc asked:

Guy get nuts while printing


  1. trying to copy his monitor… Probably the funniest thing i´ve ever seen lol…

  2. That guy rules

  3. I feel like doing that everyday of my fucking life.

  4. claclacla1986


  5. now he has the right idea!!

  6. This video is just awesome!

  7. did he die?

  8. SpacePirateRidley

    Old school “Print Screen”. :P

  9. pokersuperstar

    this guy is awesome

  10. yeah… probably!

  11. that’s if you’re lucky to have one of these chitty jobs. the way things are you will probably beg for a McDonalds job


  13. vivecapatrece


  14. that´s an awesome good idea…….if your printer does not work properly just put the whole monitor on the scanner and scan the screen of your monitor LOL

  15. Man oh man…I would **** to have to work next to that guy!

  16. aracabushcabar

    haha, **** yeah. I hope he got promoted XD

  17. Is this real!?!?!?

  18. hahahaha xD
    He copied the monitor for a screenshot XD

  19. carnigourousplotting

    what wos he so mad about

  20. dlfjsdhfjksdhfjksdfh

    yeahh that was sieg heil

  21. I think they have a button for that now..

  22. is it for real?