Chinese moving printing blocks-Olympic Ceremony ’08

berbele625 asked:

AmAziNg moving printing blocks performed by actual people


  1. hey do not say like this, as a chinese, I hope britain can do better in 2012, they have 4 years to prepare, and technology will be more advanced than 2008, if they do a wonderful performance, everyone will enjoy!

  2. What the hell happen to VCR’s and TV Tuner cards with screen recorder?

  3. learn to hold a camera

  4. That is So NEAt!

  5. uhh no..if u have seen the documentary..they have to follow thier own pace no lights or shit

  6. I wonder what the Brittish are going to do to match this. Maybe they have some old out of date ‘rockstar’ they can present? Stand up comededy perhaps?


  7. carabs – Its called practice makes perfect. Its in their culture to do their best in everything they do.

  8. there not heavy. what do u think there made of concreate steel iron or rock?

  9. how is it fake? there is a light that goes on inside that tells them to push it up and how high?

  10. u r so simple man…

  11. Whenever I hear the commentators’ voices, I just think one thing: “Please shut the hell up!!!!!”

  12. man just look at the presision of the rest of the olyempics and theyve been practing this for months in my marching band we acheve this level of presision in weeks granted we can see the other people but we have to run around and play to

  13. I didn’t get to watch the games or the ceremonies and the ceremonies are my favorite part to watch. I knew they’d both be incredible. Thanks for posting this.

  14. 1. they had earpieces
    2. who says the blocks are heavy?

  15. I realized after posting my original comment I didn’t explain myself very well. I actually meant the act itself being fake, and not the video. How can 800+ people move heavy blocks 10+ feet with that much precision? With all the other fake pieces of the ceremonies, I am a bit skeptical this had no mechanical help.

  16. this is a olympic cermony how is it fake

  17. Am I the only one that just thinks this is a fake?

  18. xCrystallized

    Whoa… that caught me off guard when the people came out and started waving.