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DEATH to Old School Home Based Business Practices – Preventing Failure By Knowing The Truth

James Rivas asked: Why do so many people fail at Home Based Businesses, Network Marketing, MLM and/or Direct Sales? In most cases, failure happens because fundamental truths or realities about what it takes to succeed are ignored or not known by the new Home Business owner. Here’s 8 of the B ... ... Read More

From Suppliers to Success – Access All That you Need Faster With Business to Business

Dylan Sun asked: Body: To notice or get noticed by your retailers or consumers, make use of a business to business portal for crossing all boundaries and achieve success. A business to business online marketplace can bring access of large variety of products as well as manufacturers, wholesalers, ... ... Read More

Creating a Car Wash Business Plan

Michael Gregory asked: Before embarking on writing a business plan for starting a car wash, a definition of what a business plan is in order. A business plan is a document to identify an opportunity, research why this opportunity is profitable and the steps needed to capitalize on the opportunity. ... ... Read More

How Can I Use A Virtual Assistant To Benefit My Business?

Wharton Business Foundation asked: Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant (outsourced employee) can increaseproductivity, reduce costs and save you and your company time. Virtual Assistants, also known as VA’s, have been around for more than 10 years and in this day and age, utilize the technology e ... ... Read More

Microsoft Business Contact Manager

Jose Vanegas asked: Prophet is a Microsoft Business Contact Manager. When a company thinks of ways to manage their corporation, they are often looking for new means to control their CRM, or customer relationship management. One way that CRM can be controlled as a Microsoft Business Contact Manager ... ... Read More

Branding Your Company: How To Choose The Right Business Name

Wharton Business Foundation asked: It’s surprising that a lot of business owners have never had proper branding done for their businesses. Starting with their company name. Many simply name their companies after themselves (ex. John’s Accounting Service, THM Enterprises, etc.) or just a name t ... ... Read More

Business Contact Management Software

Jose Vanegas asked: Introduction Networking is a popular buzz world in the business world today. The importance of making and utilizing contacts to expand your business and develop professionally is key to being successful and rise above your competition. It can be tricky however to manage all the ... ... Read More

Business Credit Cards are a Better Way to Manage Business

Art Taylor asked: Business cards still have an application and approval process, still include an interest rate on purchases, and still have an impact on credit scores. They are available with low APR, zero introductory interest rates, balance transfer options, rewards, like airline miles or cash ... ... Read More

Small Business Grants for Starting Up!

Smith & Chen asked: Small business grants are not just given away by government agencies or private institutions for helping you start your business. There needs to be a particular interest in your project in order for them to provide the funding that you need. And it’s not enough to have a ... ... Read More

Tucson Business, It’s About What You Want

Keith John Gill asked: Tucson AZ, it is one of the fastest growing “High-tech” business communities in the nation. With this fast growth comes a greater demand for flexible, scalable, intuitive, feature rich, customizable, and economical options for business class data and voice soluti ... ... Read More