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Goodlife asked: Stand up Comedy in Nigeria has come a long way. From the days of late Danjuma Mohammed, Alarm Blo, and Ali Baba who gave it a new face of professionalism. It has grown to become one of the most lucrative industries in Nigeria, and has in recent times witnessed a large influx of you ... ... Read More

Learn to Comedy Craps Tips and Strategies Calculating the Abode

jon don asked: Contrary to what you apparently apprehend in books and added Internet articles, craps is advised for the bank to win and the amateur to lose. Over time, the amateur consistently loses. The actuality is, no matter what bets you amalgamate and action patterns you apply, you can’ ... ... Read More

Even With Sandra Bullock, “Two Weeks Notice” Becomes Only an Average Romantic Comedy

Ed Bagley asked: ght © 2009 Ed BagleyTwo Weeks Notice – 2 Stars (Average)“Two Weeks Notice” is just a tad too predictable to be a good romantic comedy, so it must take its rightful place as average when placed against other much better efforts such as “Sleepless in Sea ... ... Read More

Stand Up Magic and Comedy

Kim Wist asked: Funny how these days stand up is associated mostly with comedy. Maybe it’s natural in a sense that stand up comedy has made a major break trough in this new millennium. The word originally means performing for an audience standing up, in front of the audience. It could be a ... ... Read More

Have Some Laughs at These Hippest Comedy Clubs

Erica Maurer asked: It also hosts many major US trade shows and is often referred to as the business capital of the country. A large number of people visit the city every year for various purposes. However, they all love to spend an evening filled with fun and laughter after a tiring day working o ... ... Read More

TV for Pc – Satellite TV for Pc – Pc Tv, Watch Reality Television, Action/adventure, Comedy,news, Cnn, Nbc, Hbo, Abc, Mtv, Discovery Channel

Tv For Pc asked: TV FOR PC: TV for PC simply refers to a program that enables you to watch television on your computer. It is also referred to as Satellite TV for PC because this program gives you access to watch up to 12000+ TV channels on your desktop PC or laptop via the internet. TV Shows: At ... ... Read More

Led Zeppelin Lyrics Spark Debate, Discussion And Comedy

Vince Platania, J asked: Led Zeppelin lyrics have been celebrated, skewered and sung by millions of people all over the world. The band’s appeal is so universal that for many, the words to ‘Black Dog’ or ‘Dazed and Confused’ might be the only English phrases they will ... ... Read More

Comedy Camp- Oys and Girls Club of Marshfield Offers “camp Chuckles” This Summer

Steve Dubin asked: Camp Chuckles is a one-week workshop led by local comedian and teacher, Chrissy Kelleher with the help of fellow comedian and Milton High School Social Studies teacher and Drama Coach, Jimmy Bowes.  Geared towards middle and high school students, Camp Chuckles is a comedy writi ... ... Read More

The Never Ending Reign Of Situation Comedies

Dror Klar asked: In the early television days the first situation comedies were family oriented shows like Father Knows Best, which aired in 1954 and Leave it to Beaver, which aired in 1957. Later on came My Three Sons, which aired in 1960 and ended in 1972. These were just a few of the first show ... ... Read More

Happy Gilmore (Blu-ray) 1996 – A Sports Comedy Film

madeline asked: Happy Gilmore is a 1996 American sports comedy movie directed by Dennis Dugan and starring Adam Sandler as the title character. He is a nearly unlikable loser who after a strangely traumatic childhood, grew up to be a raving, anti-social lunatic, who happens to be obsessed with hoc ... ... Read More