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Understanding the Food Pyramid for Kids

Sally Hamlin asked: In 2005, the US Department of Agriculture released the new food pyramid plan. Kids and adults alike no longer need to follow the same horizontally sectioned food pyramid. Adults now have their own pyramid while there is also a new food pyramid for kids. What does this say now a ... ... Read More

A Healthy Kids Breakfast: It Can Be Done!

Emily Watson asked: Do you struggle trying to get your children fueled with a healthy breakfast? If you’re like me, getting your kids dressed in a matching outfit, getting the homework together, and getting the kids out the door is a struggle, let alone making sure our children get in a nutr ... ... Read More

Gift Your Child the Best Kids Posters

Patrick Arden asked: Kids are really fond of colors and they enjoy making colorful posters. If you want to make your kids feel extremely happy then bring kids posters for them. Kids posters can be of two types where first kind could be any poster that impresses your kid and the second could be an ... ... Read More

The Growing Popularity of Atvs for Kids

Ray Martin asked: The growing popularity of ATVs for kids Many years ago, when ATVs had only 3 wheels instead of 4, many parents were quite reluctant to let their kids ride on them. But now with 4 wheels and the ever-growing popularity of ATVs, especially among the kids and youths, the ATV manufac ... ... Read More

I Want My Kid Atv and I Want it Now!

Ray Martin asked: I want my Kid ATV and I want it now! Another weekend is approaching and you simply dread it because you know your son’s going to ask you the same question, “Where is my Kid ATV you promised?” The thing is, it’s not that you do not want to keep your promise to your son, bu ... ... Read More

The Nutritious Kitchen: Healthy Recipes For Kids

Emily Watson asked: In the hussle and bussle of today’s world, finding and preparing easy and healthy recipes for kids can be a struggle! And then when you find them, there is so much that can goes into them: planning the menu, making the grocery list, driving to the store, doing the shoppin ... ... Read More

Features to be Looked Into in a Kid’s Digital Camera

Russ Snapper asked: As a parent, if you want to make your kid happy, smiling and cheerful at all times then you can gift your child a sleek and elegant digital camera. This will bring to kids happiness in all possible ways as all kids love photographs and enjoy taking photographs by themselves You ... ... Read More

Kids Birthday Party Places

Dee Adams asked: Is it time to plan your kid’s birthday party again? Every year around that time you’re wondering – has it been a year already? What are we going to do THIS year? I don’t think I want 20 kids at my house again… so, what other options do we have? If you ... ... Read More

Purchasing the Best Beach Backpacks for Kids

Mark Jordan asked: Summer is approaching quicker than you think and you may be going to head off to the beach for a family vacation with your kids.  It is never too early to plan a summer vacation.  Something you will most likely need are beach backpacks for kids.  For kids, a backpack is a ver ... ... Read More

List of the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Kids

Tony Smith asked: There are a ton of great toys that are coming out this Christmas. Every kid wants to have the top toys. So, what I’m going to do is share with you a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for kids. That way, you can get your kids the best toys this year. The top 10 Christmas gi ... ... Read More