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Study For A Forensic Science Degree Online

Kenneth Scott asked: Television programs like Cold Case Files and CSI have prompted an increase in the publics fascination with forensic science. What is not generally known, however, is that forensic science is a field that involves much more than is shown on television. Everyone knows that foren ... ... Read More

Writing and Publishing Science Fiction Novels in 5 Simple and Easy Steps

Gen Wright asked: ‘ve written your work, getting published is no doubt a elaborate task. Here are some constructive instructions that will help you write an award winning science fiction novel and publish it profitably. Step 1: First Draft and Structure A science fiction book should be struc ... ... Read More

Science & Technology – the Developments That Shape our Future

John W. Martin asked: Science & Technology – The Developments that Shape Our Future Science and technology are broad terms that refer to all the concepts and devices created through human research and development. The ultimate goal of these constructs is to influen ... ... Read More

Kabbalah Uses Scientific Methods, But It’s not Regular Science

Bnei Baruch asked: Perhaps you’ve heard that Kabbalah is connected to mysticism, magic, fortunetelling, tarot cards, and all kinds of other misconceptions. However, not many people know the truth about Kabbalah—it is a science that studies all of reality. Why Kabbalah is considered a science? ... ... Read More

Learn From Earth Science

Analeese Burnabaker asked: There is so much to be learned in life, sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with all that I do not know. I’ve heard it said, however, that the smartest people are the ones that know that they do not know much. I like that. I like it because I am acutely aware that ... ... Read More

Sports Science & Improving Sporting Performance

Derek Both asked: Sport science is a collection of scientific disciplines that work together to improve the performance of a given athlete. This can cover the way an athlete sleeps to the food they eat and when they eat it. It can also cover the cloth they wear and the manner in which they train a ... ... Read More

Psychiatry: Fraud in the Name of Science and Humanism

Andrea Gerak asked: On Saturday, 20/September, the XIVth World Congress of Psychiatry opens its doors in Prague, Chech Republic. Their motto is “Science and Humanism: For a Person-Centered Psychiatry” What a blatant lie! First of all, psychiatry is NOT a science. For what is science? L ... ... Read More

Middle School Science Fair Projects

Zhang Xiao Hong asked: Who said Science fair projects are boring and a chore? With a little bit of imagination you can come up with a winning science fair topic that will not only be interesting but one that you will enjoy doing. Yes, a middle school science fair project can be a really exciting t ... ... Read More

The Jason Project Takes Math and Science Education Out of the Classroom

Stacy Andell asked: What It Is The JASON Project is headquartered in Ashburn, VA. Its mission is to inspire in students a life-long passion for learning in science, math, and technology through hands-on, real-world scientific discovery. It is named in the spirit of the Greek myth of Jason and the ... ... Read More

Careers in the Pharmaceutical Sciences

Roshan Tolani asked: The pharmaceutical sciences have saved millions of lives and improved quality of life by playing an important role in the discovery and development of new drugs and drug therapies. As science and medicine evolve and discoveries are made at an astonishing rate, the pharmaceutic ... ... Read More