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Red Hat Society: Fun For All

MaryAnn Farnsworth asked: What is the Red Hat Society and how long has it been in existence? How did this group get started and how can I join? These questions will be answered in Part One of this article. The Red Hat Society is sometimes referred to as a “dis-organization” because the ... ... Read More

Cctv and the Surveillance Society

Doktor Jon asked: These days, you can hardly open a newspaper or switch on the telly, without being bombarded with stories about video surveillance, or digital CCTV, or indeed many less than glowing references to Big Brother; so what exactly is the state of surveillance in Britain today? Well gene ... ... Read More

Secret Societies – Obscure Organizations With a Special Purpose

John W. Martin asked: Throughout history, people with similar ideas and interests have come together for specific purposes. However, sometimes their aims must be kept hidden from others. Thus, the group becomes a “secret society.” Secret societies have existed for thous ... ... Read More

A Step Toward Creation of Knowledge Society

Abhishek Srivastava asked: A STEP TOWARDS KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY In the midnight of 15th august 1947 when India got freedom our first prime minister in his famous speech said “When the midnight strikes India awakes to freedom when the whole world sleeps”. In 2007, when Indian economy is surging ahe ... ... Read More

Crime and Corruption- a Part of Daily Society News

Livemint Expert asked:   Crime and Corruption is becoming a society accepted norm if it is left unchecked. The general people need to be on a high alert now, if they want to gift a safe future to the coming generation. We need to alter society’s view towards corruption and have to work hard to ... ... Read More

French Colonial Society in America

Olivia Hunt asked: New France was the French colony organized in the North America. The first French foundation – Quebec – was established in 1603. The French society was concentrated on the fur trade and Catholic missions. The Spanish and the French understood the importance of the maintenanc ... ... Read More

Political Parties are Like Cooperative Societies

Dalip Singh Wasan asked: Political parties are like co-operative societies Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate. After the invention of concept of democracy, political parties came into being or we can say the people who were politicians gave birth to this concept of democracy in the world. The politicia ... ... Read More

About Green Iguana Society – Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Abhishek Agarwal asked: Have you wondered what it would be like to raise an iguana? Do you know what it takes to take care of them? Do you know how many species of the Iguana family there are? What about the green iguana? What do you know about it? Listed below are seven things you may not have kn ... ... Read More

Fat Acceptance in Society

Richard asked: You may have a larger frame than most people and for this reason carry a little more weight than others. Bigger people live hugely stressful lives doing everything in their power to lose weight to conform to the norm in society which is to be slim and trim. Some people are naturally ... ... Read More

You And Society – How To Identify Yourself In Society

Abhishek Agarwal asked: However, experts would have us believe even ordinary individuals can learn to raise their sense of self-identity in the social context with a few simple exercises – we learn about these, here! That man is a social animal is a fact we have been oft reminded of, but how ... ... Read More