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A Cashless Society: a Future of our Own Making

Martin Mcallister asked: The notion of a cashless society has been around for quite some time. The first mechanical cash dispenser was built by Luther George Simjian in 1939 and was installed in New York in 1939. However lack of customer adoption resulted in it being removed six months later.The el ... ... Read More

A Civil Society Bill of Rights

Ian Wendt asked: I reserve the right to be opinionated, to speak, to strongly hold ideas, ideals or ideologies, and to advocate them.I reserve the right to make truth claims, to hold positions even if others may take offense. But I will not abuse others.I reserve the right to be idealistic, optimis ... ... Read More

Skepticism in Today’s Society

CD Mohatta asked: The topic might have been more true in olden days when ignorance was bliss. It is not as relevant with todays society. Skepticism is a part of human nature and will always remain so. Suspicion and mistrust come either from lack of experience or from bad past experiences. It is oft ... ... Read More

Failure of Muslim Societies

Nawaz asked: It is necessary that we Muslims face up to the reality that the Islam that we profess, practise and preach today is not working. And has not worked for a long time. This is true both for our communal life as societies, and our personal lives as individuals. In Muslim countries and comm ... ... Read More

Opposing Views of a Post-racial Society

Roland Laird asked: After Barack Obama won the presidential election I found myself in conversations with White people who were beside themselves. In their minds the election of a Black president meant that we had truly entered Dr. King’s dream and America had become a nation where people are ... ... Read More

2012, 1484 and Other Apocalypses: the Dynamics of Society

Jo Hedesan asked: Since the Apocalypse failed to occur in 2000, there is a new end of the world being prophesied: December 21, 2012. Apparently, the ancient Mayan calendar “reset” itself on this date, the end of a “Great Cycle” (1). As this date corresponds to a significant astronomical eve ... ... Read More

Islamic Society

Nawaz asked: The social part of the Divine Revelation provides us with laws intended to guide the course of social evolution. Islam has developed a political Organization based on eternal principles of the Quran. Since these principles have their source not from any human intellect but delivered by ... ... Read More

The Tryanny of Experts (part Ii) – Experts and Civil Society

Ian Wendt asked: Experts are valuable, necessary contributors to our diverse and specialized society. But they cannot and should not be used to constitute or replace civil society. Indeed, the idea that anyone can claim to be a civil society expert is troubling. Civil society needs to be composed o ... ... Read More

Relationship Hypotheses: Language and Society

Fatina Sarwar asked: Posing the argument “our definitions of language and society are not independent: the definition of language includes in it a reference to society”(1), Ronald Wardhaugh (1986)in his book “An Introduction to Sociolonguistics” presents quadruple hypotheses proposed by dif ... ... Read More

Economic Justice and Democratization of Economy to Create Ideal Society

Prof Viswanathan asked: Economic Justice and Democratization of Economy to create Ideal SocietyByProf Viswanathan,Director,International Socio-Economic Research Bureau(E Mail Id : OF JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTSWe, the people of all the countries, in harmony with the so ... ... Read More