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YOUTEES: Screen Printing Kit Marketeers and YOU.

YouTees asked: America…Free Enterprise…VERY good thing. Except when somebody who is not skilled in a trade is taking advantage of it for money. You can tell by the hints they leave…in the name they give their business…or even the wrong ways they talk about the biz they pre ... ... Read More


digitaldeadboy2000 asked: Feral Drollery live at Pepper’s in Vancouver, Washington, 04/18/09. … Premiere_Elements_7 ... ... Read More McSweeney's – Animals of the Ocean, in Particular …

Animals of the Ocean, in Particular the Giant Squid, advances many heretofore unexplored discoveries and opinions, including squid dating dos and don’ts, why squid are not at all able to watch television in black and white, … More: McSweeney's – Animals of th ... ... Read More

Henry IV, Part 1 (1990, Michael Bogdanov) part 15 of 17

ShakespeareAndMore asked: hold on him in his old age; that is, at the time of life in which he is represented to us; a period, as it should seem, approaching to seventy.- The truth is that he had drollery enough to support himself in credit without the point of honour, and had address enough to m ... ... Read More