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La Catrina

fisksed asked: Es la mierda La Catrina es un guarenteed nuevo de la serie de hacer el corazón se funde y sus pantalones se incendian. … spanish drollery telenovella drama the and to funny ******** masterpiece at hilarious project la catrina ... ... Read More

Cold and raw – Elliott, Kwella

TheCompletePurcell asked: , bass viol George Weigand, lute Jeremy Barlow, harpsichord Recorded in March 1981 ___ This tune was first printed in 1651, in John Playford’s The English Dancing Master. Ten years later, a song called A Cup of Old Stingo appeared in Merry Drollery Complete; it was ... ... Read More

Let’s go swim

yurchik5 asked: … юмор humor drollery ... ... Read More