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Scifi Picks » Trailer: District 9 « Axiom's Edge Science Fiction …

Tags: Science Fiction Movies · district_9 Produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neill Blomkamp, District 9 opens in theaters on August 14th. Based on the short film Alive in Joburg, also directed by Blomkamp, the movie deals with … … View post: Scifi Picks » Trailer: District 9 « Axio ... ... Read More

What Are The Challenges For Community Arts These Days?

I’m going to manage a community arts classes and make small festivals. Does anyone know what the challenges are? Thanks. ... ... Read More

What Are Examples Of Liberal Arts Classes?

I’m getting ready to go to college but I need two liberal arts electives. I’m not sure of which classes fall under the category of liberal arts. What are the liberal arts classes? ... ... Read More

What Subjects In Arts Are The Most Beneficial To A Future Career?

By Arts I dont mean art, i mean the study of humanities like english , french, sociology, all that kind of thing. ... ... Read More

How Many Students Are Liberal Arts Majors Of This Group?

A survey of 19 students in a Calculus class this semester revealed that 12 are male. The survey also revealed that 11 were liberal arts major. However only 4 of the liberal arts major were male. How many students are strictly liberal arts majors but not male? ... ... Read More

Are Atheists And People To Whom Religion Is Of Low Importance, Generally Less Biased And Prejudiced?

Less than religious people, of course. It’s just that religious people seem to me to be very biased and prejudiced, I mean, they attach so much importance to their particular brand of reality rejectionism and will often judge people solely on whether or not they accept the same stuff without evide ... ... Read More

What Careers Are Available For Fine Arts Bachelor Degrees?

I have a BS in psych and am considering getting a bachelor’s in fine arts degree, but I am wondering what careers are possible with such a degree. Any additional resources would be great – I have no idea where to even start looking. Thanks! ... ... Read More

What Are The Best Performing Arts Colleges For Music All Over The World?

I am currently looking at going to school for music but I have no clue of any colleges besides Julie Ard for that. I also am looking at schools for theatre which is performing arts too. I am pretty much looking at schoools in the U.S. and in Italy but I am also looking for schools that are the best ... ... Read More

What Are Some Good Performing Arts Summer Camps In Bc?

Either in BC or around BC. I want to go to a performing arts camp with my friend but we don’t know where to go. Preferably one that you get to stay in cabins cause thats more fun. ... ... Read More

How Are Some People Just So Naturally Outgoing?

I try SO hard, not to be so shy. I just don’t understand how people can just start talking about things to anyone. I can’t do it. I try to make myself not worry about others, and say whatever comes to my mind when I’m around them, I want to talk to people! But when I’m with ... ... Read More