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Why Are People Too Lazy To Use Oil Paint?

Why are so many people too lazy to use oil/Alkyd paint? Really, washing your hands and brushes with a bit of Varsol is not a terrible chore. Or here si an idea…toss the god damed brush, they are cheap and not really reusable anyways. Alkyd paint is so much nicer, its thick, water proof, better ... ... Read More

Why Are There Evil People In The World? What Causes People To Commit Evil Crimes?

I am writing a journalism piece for my high school newspaper and want to see what people around the world think of criminals who kill for no reason, people who rape for no reason, and people who abuse their children for no reason. What causes these people to hurt others? ... ... Read More

What Are The Different Types Of Martial Arts Commonly Taught In The Us? How Do They Differ From Each Other?

I’m looking to take up the martial arts but I’m not sure which I would like best. Also, if anyone knows of an online directory of martial arts schools where I can find what is close to me, it would be helpful to post the web address. Thanks. ... ... Read More

What Are Some Good Arts And Crafts Ideas For Children Ages 5-12?

I am starting a community program for the children in my apartment complex. It will begin in two weeks. I am trying to come up with as many ideas for arts and crafts activities and othe games and activities. If you could give me some ideas and how to do it . Thank you. ... ... Read More

What Are Some Of The Better Performing Arts Schools In Connecticut?

I’m going into 8th grade and I want to go to a preforming arts school for dance, maybe this year, or maybe next year, and I can’t find any full-time public performing arts schools to go to instead of a regular school. If you can please give me wedsite names so that I can see what kinds o ... ... Read More

What Are The Top Performing Arts High Schools In The United States?

I was considering to go to a boarding school for the performing arts, and wanted to know if there were any public performinng arts schools or boarding school that are really good. ... ... Read More

Are There Printing Companies That Will Donate Their Services To Non-profits?

I am a PR intern for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and my fellow interns and I are looking for printing companies that will donate their services. We are non-profit, so it’s tax deductible. I know it’s tough times financially these days, but any donations or discounts would go such ... ... Read More

Why People Are Giving Only Archaeological Values To The Relics Of Saints?

They are not kept in ice or herbs or something like that. And there were other people(monks) buryed in the same place as the relics of saints and they have rotted. There is no logical explanation for this. Why people say that there must be an logic explanation ? Is not that a cover for the their w ... ... Read More

What Are Good Books For Learning Graphic Arts?

I was interested in using my creativity and possibly learning graphic arts concentrated on web developing. What are some good books to learn about graphic arts, art, and web design? ... ... Read More

What Martial Arts Are Best For Developing Confidence In A Fight?

What martial arts helps prepare you mentally before you have to defend yourself? What martial arts instills confidence that you can take whoever tries to attack you (or at least hold your own)? Some martial arts just provide plenty of doubt whether you can handle yourself in a real fight or not. ... ... Read More