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Do You Need A Business License If You Have A Business Degree?

I have created a business but want to be sure all of my t’s are crossed and all of my i’s are dotted. I have a business degree, I want to be sure I do not have to back it up with a business license? Some people have advised me to get one just to be on the safe side. ... ... Read More

Why Do People Attempt To Reinforce Or Push Their Opinions On Others Through Questions?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the time on Y!A, people who post questions aren’t actually looking for an answer, but instead a statement that will reinforce their opinion. Usually when someone responds with an answer they disagree with, they attempt to argue/debate with it. And other times, ... ... Read More

How Do The People That Live In Varansi And Drink Water From The Ganges And Bathe In It Stay Alive?

The Ganges is a literal sewer. It is completely black and septic. Every 7 kms there are 30 sewers pumping waste into it, and people dumb thousands of dead people, cattle, and dogs in it daily. People bathe in it, drink the water, go to the toilet in it and cook with the water! How are they not dead? ... ... Read More

How Long Do People Usually Have Carpet Before It Wears Out And Needs To Be Replaced?

I am curious about how often people usually keep their carpeting in their house. I know some people keep their carpet until it has a few stains and some people keep their carpet until it has spots all over, ‘traffic lines’, etc. How long do people usually keep their carpet before they r ... ... Read More

Do People Understand The Difference Between Local And Federal Government?

I see people on here that rant on and on about health care justifying it by having schools, firefighters, police etc. Do people realize that these are at the local and state level and NOT the federal level. When me town talks about the police, firefighters and schools (which I might add we are an in ... ... Read More

Do You Think A Fee Based Business Acquaintance Service Can Be A Profitable Industry?

Everyone has some business acquiantance that can help others to do successful business. How to let all of them know each other. Fee based business acquitantance service may do it. Big business service ? Profitbale business service ? Let me know. Great thanks. ... ... Read More

Why Do Some People Need More Social Interaction Than Others?

Some people can have very low amounts of interaction with other people, and still feel comfortable around them. On the other hand, some people need to be in constant/moderate interaction to be comfortable around people. ... ... Read More

How Do Some People Get To Be Fortunate Enough To Have Work @ Home Jobs, & They Don’t Help Others Get Them?

I mean, even if it ISN’T a home-based business. I hear how some people work @ home. How can some people be lucky like that if 97% of work @ home offers are scams? & for people who ARE successfully working from home, how come you can’t tell anyone what you do & how you get access ... ... Read More

How Do You Take Plastic Printing Off A Polyester Shirt?

I have a soccer jersey (made with polyester) that has some old, fading plastic printing on it, what kind of chemical solution/ liquid can I use to scrub it away? Thanks. ... ... Read More

How Do Religious People Like The Secular Humanitarian Organizations Like Rotary And The Lions Club?

These are organizations dedicated to charity and volunteer work – they do good stuff in communities all over the world and, unlike religious people, they do it without trying to trick vulnerable people into believing a bunch of contrived superstitious nonsense and joining some cult of irrational c ... ... Read More