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How Do You Stop A Printer From Printing The Same Thing?

I am doing research on my Apache heradage. So I printed a 20 page document of information. The problem is the printer keeps printing the same document over and over agan. Someone please help me! ... ... Read More

How Do I Print To A Konica 7145 Copier With Network Printing?

Hi, we recently got a Konica 7145 copier that has network printing capabilities and supports IPP. We have a small P2P network. I have tried repeatedly to get it to print over the network without success. I can ping the copier’s IP just fine. I am able to access the web utility so I know tha ... ... Read More

How Do People Manage To Lose Human Empathy For Certain Groups Of People?

For example – feminists with men, or whom ever they so frivilously judge to be a misogyinist. Or anti-feminists with feminists What causes these people to lose the empathy an healthy person would show to all people, for such specific groups? Do they choose not to put theurself in this group of ... ... Read More

How Do I Get Rid Of The Black Line Printing Down The Center Of The Page?

I have a Brother HL5250 Printer and after I print a few pages it starts printing a thick black line down the center. But after I wait a few minutes after that batch, it’s fine unless I print more than 10 pages. How do I fix this? ... ... Read More

How Do Liberal Arts Colleges Compare With Regular Colleges?

Would going to a liberal arts college make it difficult to get a job that would be easier to get if I had gone to a regular college in America? Do liberal arts schools have better education in humanities? How do I decide if I should go to a liberal arts college? ... ... Read More

Why Do People Get Annoyed At Others Who Speak Their Language?

Hi, I’m from England and I often hear from some of my fellow Englishmen that they hate they way Americans spell and a pronounce words in the English language (I find those people who bash Americans for these to be ignorant morons). Anyway, I’d like to know if this sort of thing happens b ... ... Read More

What Do People Often Forget To Consider When Choosing A Breed?

What should people consider why starting to choose a breed? What is often overlooked when people fall in love with a breed? Does this generally happen because people don’t consider it at all, or because they think they can make the dog adapt to it because they really want the breed even thoug ... ... Read More

Why Do People Some People Consider Cleveland To Be A Dirty City?

I visited Cleveland last June and really enjoyed myself there. Before planning my trip, I read a couple a travel books and a few personal opinions on a travel site of people who had visited. Quite a few people regarded it as being a dirty city that offered visitors few entertainment sites; however, ... ... Read More

How Do I Go A About Starting A Home Based Printing Business?

I would like to know how to get a license to run a printing business in my home? Where can I rent/buy a printer? I live in NYC. I really prefer to buy a new one. Previously I use to run a printing business making invitations, Church Programs for order of services, Banners, Stickers, Business Cards, ... ... Read More

What Group Of People Do You Think Generally Is The Easiest To Offend?

Any group of people. Who gets offended the most, or the most easily from your experience.Old people? Teenagers? White people? Black people?Asians? Christians? Women? Country folk? Atheists? Nerds? Any group of people. Don’t be afraid to answer because I’m sure everybody who answers will ... ... Read More