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Professor Solomon's Flying Saucer Travel Tips – Boing Boing

“Flying Saucer Travel Tips: How To Optimize Your Ride In A UFO” is 27 pages, illustrated, and available as a PDF from the delightful Professor’s site. Also free: “Can I Smoke Aboard A Flying Saucer? Questions and Answers about UFOs See more here:  Professor Solomon's Fly ... ... Read More

Classic video games reimagined as backyard "off your butt" games …

Brian Crecente over at Kotaku has a terrific post up about backyard adaptations of classic video games . I can imagine playing them for lulz myself, but they’re particularly cool for parents with bored kids at home on summer break: … Read the original here: Classic video games reimagined ... ... Read More

Mario recreation on India's Got Talent – Boing Boing

JWB, I fail to see how a stagecraft recreation of what is arguably the most popular game of all time could be considered an ‘inside joke’. Also, it may be silly, but to pull off something like that using people takes an awful lot of … View post:  Mario recreation on India's Go ... ... Read More