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The Unforgettable music launch

Vandal Movies in association with Multi Media Combines released the music of their forthcoming English film “The Unforgettable” at PVR … Read more from the original source: The Unforgettable music launch ... ... Read More


The Government has decided that the teaching of science and mathematics would revert to Malay in the Government school, with Chinese in Chinese schools and Tamil in Tamil schools. How this is going to help integrate Malaysians I do not … Read more here:  SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS IN MALAY ̵ ... ... Read More

Comedy:Mazahiya Shayri(Funny Shayari)

Gutar goo….gutar goo…gutar goo…kabootar kare gutar goo.Gutar goo…gutar goo…Kabootar kare gutar goo…………………..Bhaga ise jaldi se. Continued here: Comedy:Mazahiya Shayri(Funny Shayari) ... ... Read More

Brazil Times: Story: Local home cook learned skills by watching

Donna Dene English and her 6-year-old son Alejandro enjoy spending time in the kitchen of their rural Brazil home cooking together. The stay-at- home mom was nominated by her husband David to be one of Clay County’s Best and Most Unique … See the rest here:  Brazil Times: Story: Local h ... ... Read More

Ana's blog » Blog Archive » Introducing http://news.debian.net

I have always missed having something similar to “KDE Dot News ” in Debian. I refer to KDE’s news place because it is the project I more closely follow after Debian, but there are similar news websites for other projects such as Ubuntu’s … Here is the original:  Ana's blog ... ... Read More

ResourceShelf » Blog Archive » Arts: Louvre Launches First-Ever …

Arts : Louvre Launches First-Ever English Version of Online Collections Database. From the Article: The Musée du Louvre today announced that it will launch an English version of its online collections database, Atlas, on July 30, 2009. … Here is the original post: ResourceShelf » Blog Archi ... ... Read More

Computers in Japan | Chris' English School

So, in Hawaii I was too busy doing audio “somethings” or BBQ and beaching it to ever even use computers except at University. I came to Japan and plugging in a printer was beyond me. After having some problems with my first Sony I … Read the rest here: Computers in Japan | Chris ... ... Read More

Global Voices Online » Lao SEA Games 2009

Post-Thumbnail. No Thumbnail. The 25th Southeast Asian Games will take place in Laos on December 9-18. See original here: Global Voices Online » Lao SEA Games 2009 ... ... Read More

Global Voices Online » Palestine: Back Home In Gaza

Post-Thumbnail. No Thumbnail. Read more here:  Global Voices Online » Palestine: Back Home In Gaza ... ... Read More

Up Station Mountain Club: Technical Education West of the Mungo

By Nsom Joseph A CRTV Senior journalist after covering an event in the Government Technical High School Bamenda made this declaration in one of the crtv programmes “The Anglophone parents are not interested in technical education ”. Read the original post: Up Station Mountain Club: Technical Edu ... ... Read More