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Amy Winehouse's 'advisor' is her 13yr-old goddaughter

Amy Winehouse apparently takes advice from a 13-year old girl, who happens to be her goddaughter. Excerpt from: Amy Winehouse's 'advisor' is her 13yr-old goddaughter ... ... Read More

Kids Clothing Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune

by Jennifer Hess How sick and tired are you of paying a small fortune for kids clothing? The way things are these days, you can end up paying just as much if not more for kid’s clothes as you do for your own. If you are buying designer … Originally posted here:  Kids Clothing Doesn' ... ... Read More

Earth Scape Art – Andres Amador

Andres Amador has an amazing mind to come up with these beautiful modern patterns on such a large scale. To think that these are “carvings” in the sand that will vanish within days started me thing about modern landscaping and how … See the original post here:  Earth Scape Art – And ... ... Read More

For The Kids

Today it’s all about the kiddos. Here are several fun tutorials with stuffed animals, food, activities, and over the top delights for our precious little ones. I hope you’ll hug your children and do something fun with them today View original here:  For The Kids ... ... Read More

I'll have the 'bourger

Some years ago I had a friend called Andy. He was an odd chap. Rather too curious about the lives of other people and partial to wrapping bits of his body in clingfilm for days at a time until the dampness caused a strange fungal mould … Read more from the original source:  I'll have the ... ... Read More

Sticker Party

(No votes) Loading … Filed under:Activities, Crafts Do your children love stickers? I remember when I was a kid, a favorite activity was collecting, organizing, and trading stickers with my friends The rest is here: Sticker Party ... ... Read More

Target Deals 7/26 – 8/1

Here are the best deals that I see at Target this week. Since there may be some regional differences, make sure you check your local ad. New to coupons More:  Target Deals 7/26 – 8/1 ... ... Read More

Home Travel Business, $7 Trillion Industry

Working in the travel industry is one of the most exciting business opportunities available online. You can be well on your way to creating a six figure income in just a few short months if you are willing to dedicate yourself to your … Read more from the original source: Home Travel Business, ... ... Read More