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What Are The Challenges For Community Arts These Days?

I’m going to manage a community arts classes and make small festivals. Does anyone know what the challenges are? Thanks. ... ... Read More

What Careers Are Available For Fine Arts Bachelor Degrees?

I have a BS in psych and am considering getting a bachelor’s in fine arts degree, but I am wondering what careers are possible with such a degree. Any additional resources would be great – I have no idea where to even start looking. Thanks! ... ... Read More

I Work For A 501c Business,which Is Closing And Liquidating. Can I Start My Own Separate Taxable Business?

I have worked for the 501C business for 10 yrs total, 3 in this specific business area. They no longer wish to carry this branch of their association. When they close, I will be fired. Can I start up my own for profit business, with the same business description? ... ... Read More

What Are Good Books For Learning Graphic Arts?

I was interested in using my creativity and possibly learning graphic arts concentrated on web developing. What are some good books to learn about graphic arts, art, and web design? ... ... Read More