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Library Boy: Blogosaurus Lex Publication Education Blog

It was registered as a charity in 1977 and its mandate is “to contribute to, advance and promote the legal knowledge and education of the people of Canada.” It is based in Edmonton, Alberta. According to the initial post on June 22, … Read the rest here:  Library Boy: Blogosaurus ... ... Read More

Why Boys Fail » Blog Archive » Giving single-sex education the boot…

My biggest fear about the surge in single sex education has been the faddish nature of it. The Bush DOE gave it the legal green light without offering districts any research on how to do it well. A backlash is inevitable, especially in … Read more from the original source: Why Boys Fail » Blo ... ... Read More

Iron Caisson: WILA (Women in the Literary Arts) Association …

We’re also looking for people who have backgrounds in grant writing, accounting, arts administration, fund raising, web and graphic design, database management and non-profit law to possibly volunteer a little time to help us get this … Original post: Iron Caisson: WILA (Women in the Lit ... ... Read More

FAIR Blog » Blog Archive » Lessons From 'the Abyss of Yesterday's …

Realizing that “by now, talk of the Iranian elections will have traversed into the abyss of yesterday’s news ,” Warehouse magazine contributing writer Mohsen al Attar (7/10/09) still thinks “the events narrate a highly educational tale … Original post:  FAIR Blog » Bl ... ... Read More

Learning in Games

Kodu Game Lab This summer, I’m working with Matt MacLaurin at Microsoft Research on Kodu Game Lab. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Kodu is an environment for people with no programming experience to quickly create games Read the rest here: Learning in Games ... ... Read More

Better Game Studies Education the Carcassonne Way

As game education programs grow, educators face challenges bringing formal study of games to students with varied backgrounds. Go here to read the rest:  Better Game Studies Education the Carcassonne Way ... ... Read More