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How Can I Join A Universty To Study Fine Arts And Advertising In Austurilia?

How can i join a universty to study fine arts and advertising in austurilia? i have graduated from finearts egypt and im studing masters studies now in fine arts and im working in sculpture and graphic design , how can i join a univirsty in austuralia, and what is the best way to study there? ... ... Read More

How To Keep Students From Printing On Windows And Microsoft Office?

Hi, I work in a high school library and in the interest of saving paper I was wondering if there was a way to block students from printing until they get permission from the Library staff. For instance, is there a way that when a student goes to print a paper either online or on Microsoft Word that ... ... Read More

How To Start A Business Website Cheap And Easy?

A family friend of ours has just started a small business venture. The business is related with designer bags and women accessories. Our friend wants to explore export opportunities and she needs a simple website and maybe develop it into a sophisticated one once the business grows so that through t ... ... Read More

How Do The People That Live In Varansi And Drink Water From The Ganges And Bathe In It Stay Alive?

The Ganges is a literal sewer. It is completely black and septic. Every 7 kms there are 30 sewers pumping waste into it, and people dumb thousands of dead people, cattle, and dogs in it daily. People bathe in it, drink the water, go to the toilet in it and cook with the water! How are they not dead? ... ... Read More

How To Educate Yourself In The Fine Arts?

I graduated college a few years ago and do not have the time to go back and study the fine arts I wish I had back then. Now when I am at dinner parties and social events, I don’t feel that I can hold my own in conversations about great literature and fine art. My question is: what would you r ... ... Read More

How Many Students Are Liberal Arts Majors Of This Group?

A survey of 19 students in a Calculus class this semester revealed that 12 are male. The survey also revealed that 11 were liberal arts major. However only 4 of the liberal arts major were male. How many students are strictly liberal arts majors but not male? ... ... Read More

How Long Do People Usually Have Carpet Before It Wears Out And Needs To Be Replaced?

I am curious about how often people usually keep their carpeting in their house. I know some people keep their carpet until it has a few stains and some people keep their carpet until it has spots all over, ‘traffic lines’, etc. How long do people usually keep their carpet before they r ... ... Read More

How Big Should A Business Be Before The Owner Finally Delegates Responsibilities?

I am in the family business and my mom is clearly strained… We are blessed to have business hand over fist even in this recession but that is not my problem, or question… My question is how can a small business owner learn to lay back enjoy the fruits of their labor??? I mean she has own ... ... Read More

How Does Wide Format Vinyl Wrap Printing Work?

I am trying to learn about the wide format vinyl wrap printing process that you see on cars, billboards, posters, and even buildings now. I can’t find a website that explains the process or talks about who are the big players in producing the printers and supplies (vinyl, ink, what else?). I ... ... Read More

How Rewarding Is Majoring In Culinary Arts In College?

How rewarding is it to major in culinary arts in college? And what are some good colleges? ... ... Read More