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How Can I Join A Universty To Study Fine Arts And Advertising In Austurilia?

How can i join a universty to study fine arts and advertising in austurilia? i have graduated from finearts egypt and im studing masters studies now in fine arts and im working in sculpture and graphic design , how can i join a univirsty in austuralia, and what is the best way to study there? ... ... Read More

I Want To Attend A Performing Arts School To Play My Instrument?

What schools are there that I can go to that are for the performing arts. I wish to attend one and play my sax. ... ... Read More

Where Can I Find A Good Tee Shirt Printing Shop In Singapore?

I would like to print my own unique tee shirt. Do any of you people out there know a cheap and good tee shirt printing shop? If you kno of any, please put the website/contact together with your answer! Thanks! ... ... Read More

I Want To Learn Screen Printing And Want To Start A Home Business, How Do I Go About It?

I mean, what kind of equipment will I need? How much about screen printing should I know? ... ... Read More

How Can I Start A Business If I Am Not Sure Of My Passions?

I’ve done alot of research on starting a business. I am a college sophmore-havent picked a major yet but i’ll probably go with business and photography. My interests are business, photography, web design, photoshop, traveling and languages (spanish and italian) When people say base your ... ... Read More

How Do I Print To A Konica 7145 Copier With Network Printing?

Hi, we recently got a Konica 7145 copier that has network printing capabilities and supports IPP. We have a small P2P network. I have tried repeatedly to get it to print over the network without success. I can ping the copier’s IP just fine. I am able to access the web utility so I know tha ... ... Read More

I Work For A 501c Business,which Is Closing And Liquidating. Can I Start My Own Separate Taxable Business?

I have worked for the 501C business for 10 yrs total, 3 in this specific business area. They no longer wish to carry this branch of their association. When they close, I will be fired. Can I start up my own for profit business, with the same business description? ... ... Read More

How Can I Find The Potential Customers Who Need Our Printing Exportation Service?

We are the printing exporter from China. I know that we have strong advantage in price in American and European market, because our personnel cost is low and the quality of our product is good. I just don’t know how to find the customers which have the demand for our printing services in these mar ... ... Read More

How Do I Get Rid Of The Black Line Printing Down The Center Of The Page?

I have a Brother HL5250 Printer and after I print a few pages it starts printing a thick black line down the center. But after I wait a few minutes after that batch, it’s fine unless I print more than 10 pages. How do I fix this? ... ... Read More

Where Can I Get A Good Deal On Printing A Newspaper Paper Magazine?

I am looking at printing 10,000 full copies of a little rental magazine (8-14 pgs) and am wondering what is a practical way to produce something like this? Is there a cheap service online that can do my printing or should I buy a printing machine or copier? I have no clue what to do. HELP! ... ... Read More