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What Subjects In Arts Are The Most Beneficial To A Future Career?

By Arts I dont mean art, i mean the study of humanities like english , french, sociology, all that kind of thing. ... ... Read More

How To Educate Yourself In The Fine Arts?

I graduated college a few years ago and do not have the time to go back and study the fine arts I wish I had back then. Now when I am at dinner parties and social events, I don’t feel that I can hold my own in conversations about great literature and fine art. My question is: what would you r ... ... Read More

How Rewarding Is Majoring In Culinary Arts In College?

How rewarding is it to major in culinary arts in college? And what are some good colleges? ... ... Read More

How Many People Die In An Average Hospital In One Day?

I am going to be volunteering on Saturday nights in the ER at a fairly large hospital. For any ER doctors/nurses or hospital administrators, on *average*, how many people would you say die in a normal ER at one hospital in a single day? How about in the entire hospital (including failed operations a ... ... Read More

In Prisons,do Weak Nonces Get Used As A Plaything By The Others On The “special People’s” Wing?

I just heard that and I’m just wondering. ... ... Read More