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How Many Students Are Liberal Arts Majors Of This Group?

A survey of 19 students in a Calculus class this semester revealed that 12 are male. The survey also revealed that 11 were liberal arts major. However only 4 of the liberal arts major were male. How many students are strictly liberal arts majors but not male? ... ... Read More

How Many People Think Martial Arts Is Good For Exercise And Self Defense?

I am interested in taking a Martial Arts class, I am 4’10 and female. ... ... Read More

How Many People Die In An Average Hospital In One Day?

I am going to be volunteering on Saturday nights in the ER at a fairly large hospital. For any ER doctors/nurses or hospital administrators, on *average*, how many people would you say die in a normal ER at one hospital in a single day? How about in the entire hospital (including failed operations a ... ... Read More