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Why Does My Bird Keep Printing Pictures Of Paper Airplanes?

My bird keeps printing pictures of paper airplanes. He leaves them all over the house, and then will look at them when he eats. Why does he do this? ... ... Read More

My Husband Wants To Start A Business That Services Other Businesses. Any Ideas For Services To Offer?

My husband wants to start a business that services other businesses. Any ideas for services to offer? We were thinking about window washing, supplies, light changing, light repairs. Does anyone have any other ideas? ... ... Read More

Does My Small Business Need To File A Tax Return?

I am a small business owner and have been developing my company for the past year. Because I left my previous job to start this business I do not have a current income and because my company only recently officially “opened for business” we do not have a profit line. Do I need to file? W ... ... Read More

My Samsung Mfp 750 Series Is Printing Ugly Dark Blotches Along The Middle Of My Pages. How Do I Stop This?

I have a Samsung Msys 755P and it is printing out ink blots about the size of a dime in succession down the middle of all pages I print. Please help. What can I do to correct this problem? Thanks! ... ... Read More

How Do I Stop My Printer From Printing An Info Page Before My Document?

I have a HP deskjet F2210. I’m trying to print invitations in microsoft word 2007 and my printer wants to print a page with black text that says things like; filename, directory, template, title etc… before the actual invite. This is only a problem because I am printing on sample cardsto ... ... Read More