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OC ReMix and Gaming Music | HardestLevel

ALSO – if anyone is a big fan of videogames and game music , you NEED to come to MAGfest ( music and gaming festival) – (http://magfest.org/) a music and gaming festival held right outside of DC in January 1-4. :) (Shameless plug for some … View original here:  OC ReMix and Gaming ... ... Read More

Do You Need A Business License If You Have A Business Degree?

I have created a business but want to be sure all of my t’s are crossed and all of my i’s are dotted. I have a business degree, I want to be sure I do not have to back it up with a business license? Some people have advised me to get one just to be on the safe side. ... ... Read More

Why Do Some People Need More Social Interaction Than Others?

Some people can have very low amounts of interaction with other people, and still feel comfortable around them. On the other hand, some people need to be in constant/moderate interaction to be comfortable around people. ... ... Read More

Overweight People Need To Start Paying More For Health And Life Insurance?

I think the time has come for overweight to start pulling their weight a bit more. There are so many problems associated with obessity. We go after smokers by taxing the hell out of their habit why do overweight people get a free ride? And please dont tell me that they cant help it. Poor eating habi ... ... Read More

Does My Small Business Need To File A Tax Return?

I am a small business owner and have been developing my company for the past year. Because I left my previous job to start this business I do not have a current income and because my company only recently officially “opened for business” we do not have a profit line. Do I need to file? W ... ... Read More

What Do I Need To Start A Shirt Printing Business?

For now, I’m only planning to print simple but high quality school-pride shirts. I’m thinking of getting someone to print the shirts for me, but what will I need to have if I’m planning to print the shirts myself someday? I want to do that so I could accept requests from other peop ... ... Read More