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What Are Examples Of Liberal Arts Classes?

I’m getting ready to go to college but I need two liberal arts electives. I’m not sure of which classes fall under the category of liberal arts. What are the liberal arts classes? ... ... Read More

What Is An Example Of A Fine Arts Class In A Block Schedule?

I am going to be a freshman and have to take one fine arts class in my block schedule. What would the name of the class be. Here are some examples of classes i can take that seem like fine art classes:Theatre arts, public speaking, communications, individual and society, and art. ... ... Read More

What Percentage Of Students Who Submit Arts Supplements Get Into Ivy League Schools?

I was just curious to know what kind of advantage a student has in getting into top schools if he or she submits the arts supplement portion of the college application (assuming that his or her grades/test scores are equal to those of other applicants) ... ... Read More

Difference Between A Bachelor Of Arts Degree And A Bachelor Of Science Degree?

I am considering a Graphic Design degree, currently shopping 2 private schools. One offers a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, the other offers a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. What’s the difference? ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Should I Learn?

I am a 17 year old female and I’m going off to college next year. I want to take a martial arts class that teaches me self defense and is a good workout at the same time. I was told not to take Jujitsu because that is a type of martial arts that deals with overpowering an opponent and becaus ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Is Preformed In The Usa Series Burn Notice?

In Burn Notice i see that “Michael Westen” has 2 black belts in martial arts. I am interested in taking those classes, but dont know what type of martial arts it is. Also what type of Martial arts is taught to Covert Operatives or Special Forces? Thanks ... ... Read More

What Kind Of Marial Arts Yung Gumagamit Ng Espada, At The Same Time, Para Siyang Sumasayaw?

What kind of marial arts yung gumagamit ng espada, at the same time, para siyang sumasayaw? Ang alam ko, may tali yung espada, at the end of the sword. ... ... Read More

What Kind Of Martial Arts School Should I Go To For Film And Stunt Work?

I’ve done martials arts for 8 years. 4 Karate and 4 Tae kwon do. I think I’m pretty good but average schools don’t exactly teach you how to do all the crazy high flying stuff in films. Now I know nowadays computer effects play a big role but I know you still have to have some ta ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Would You Recommend For A 13 Year Old Looking To Start?

I’m 13 and I want to get into some type of martial arts program, I would greatly appreciate it if someone would know what type would be best. I want mostly a better outlet to chanel anger and stress and I would like to learn better self control. I want something I can hard work for and and foc ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Is Good For Complete Beginners?

I’m a very active male who would like to get into martial arts for the added flexibility and conditioning. Any suggestions? There are a lot of options in my area. ... ... Read More