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Medium and Message: Online Legal Education

Our experience at Concord Law School of Kaplan University supports yesterday’s commentary in Inside Higher Education that “The Medium is Not the Message” by Walden University President Jonathan Kaplan and his conclusion that it is past … Go here to see the original:  Medium and Mess ... ... Read More

10 Recently Extinct Animals – Listverse

Virtually wiped out in the wild due to constant hunting (they were thought to be a threat to sheep and other small farm animals ) and the encroachment of humans on their already limited habitat the Thylacine was finally recognized as … Continued here:  10 Recently Extinct Animals – List ... ... Read More

Why People Are Giving Only Archaeological Values To The Relics Of Saints?

They are not kept in ice or herbs or something like that. And there were other people(monks) buryed in the same place as the relics of saints and they have rotted. There is no logical explanation for this. Why people say that there must be an logic explanation ? Is not that a cover for the their w ... ... Read More