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Before you Shop for a Computer or Notebook, Understand Basic Computer Jargon

Victoria asked: CPU? RAM? Do you think they are just letters of the alphabet or something to do with computers? If you guessed they have something to do with a computer, you are correct. Not understanding what these basic computer terms can prevent you from making educated decisions on choosing a ... ... Read More

Buy a Usb Flash Drive as a Perfect Alternative for Floppy or CD

Antonio asked: Gone are those days, when people used a floppy or a compact disc (CD) to store or transfer data from the hard disk of one computer to another. In today’s hi tech world, a new device called USB Pen Drive has been introduced as an alternative for a floppy and a CD. Resembling a ... ... Read More

A Secure Usb Drive for Mac and Pc

Rg Hannah asked: A secure USB drive is important to those using Mac’s or PC’s who want to stop the exploiting of confidential data. The thieves are not concerned whether your operating system is Mac or PC. But now a secure USB drive is available as an effective strategy to ward off an attack r ... ... Read More

Top 5 USB Thumb Drive Tricks

Liz Cornwell asked: There are a lot of things you can do with an ordinary USB drive – from carrying a range of portable apps or even an operating system, to encrypting your files and a lot more. In this article I’m going to share with you top 5 USB tricks. 1. Take Programs Wherever You Go ... ... Read More

Using Private Browsing in Internet Explorer | Walt Mossberg …

Readers ask about the Internet Explorer private browsing mode, the Apple Safari Web browser and add-on software to search for documents. Original post: Using Private Browsing in Internet Explorer | Walt Mossberg … ... ... Read More