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Stand Up Magic and Comedy

Kim Wist asked: Funny how these days stand up is associated mostly with comedy. Maybe it’s natural in a sense that stand up comedy has made a major break trough in this new millennium. The word originally means performing for an audience standing up, in front of the audience. It could be a ... ... Read More

The Meaning of Art

Cedar Lee asked: When I refer to “art” here, I am referring specifically to visual art, and more specifically to painting because that’s what I do. But I’m sure it applies to other forms of art as well. Art can have very concrete, literal meaning to it—the more representational a work of ... ... Read More

The Wholesale Factor

Christine Layug asked: A business should be able to attract the needs of all the people. Rather than focusing on what they want, put your attention instead on what they “need” such as food, water, shelter or clothing. Factors should also be taken into mind before starting a business. Some fact ... ... Read More

Career Transition Programs – The Best Career Guidance Provided

Abhishek Agarwal asked: Most of the employees in the United States are not contented with their present jobs. A survey conducted in the year 2007 reports that around 84% of the employees in the states are still on the hunt for their dream jobs. What does this survey conclude? It concludes that a n ... ... Read More

Mace Stands for Security and Self Defense

Security Girl asked: MACE Brand is one of the oldest and most respected brands in self defense. They make a wide variety of self-defense items and are front-runners in the self-defense market.Most people associate MACE brand with pepper sprays of different varieties, but the company offers one uniq ... ... Read More

Master Having Success With the Science of Results Oriented Thinking

Vickie Jimenez asked: Results oriented thinking and the science behind it is not new. However, it is in the forefront of our global society right now. The science of results oriented thinking is the understanding that everything showing up in your life right now is there because you created it with ... ... Read More

Loans For People On Benefit- Have Money Even After Being Under Benefits

temp_23745 asked: You are in a condition that earning money for your needs is next to impossible for you. You may have a physical ailment, disability, unemployment or some other same kinds of genuine conditions which hinders you to earn anything. In such conditions, the only support for you is the ... ... Read More

Loans For People On DSS Benefit- Financial Support For Disabled Persons

temp_23745 asked: Disabled persons have to face many problems while surviving in this world. Their disability may be because of many reasons like blindness, hearing disability, lack of one hand etc. There can be both kinds of disabilities, mental as well as physical. Such persons have to be depende ... ... Read More

The Chimp Chat: Are Humans more rational then animals-Chimps

In this case, then, animals are more rational than we are. Whereas we’re willing to lose a couple bucks so that the other guy gets punished for his inequitable offer, chimps only act according to what will guarantee them the most … Original post:  The Chimp Chat: Are Humans more rationa ... ... Read More

The Yeshiva World » Israel: Subsidized Computers for Students …

Beginning on September 1st, school children in Israel, grades 1-12, will be able to purchase a laptop computer at a subsidized price with 36 monthly payments. This is the result of a deal signed between the Electra Company and the … Read more: The Yeshiva World » Israel: Subsidized Computers ... ... Read More