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The Impact of Promo Golf Umbrellas Imprinted With Your Logo

Gareth Parkin asked: Business establishments have a range of choices when it comes to selecting the finest promotional gifts for promoting their business. Still, nothing can take the position of promotional golf umbrellas. Not to say that other promotional gifts are unproductive but the way these ... ... Read More

Promotional Pens – Getting it Right!

andrew.regan.2006@googlemail.com asked: When it comes to thinking of the right promotional gifts to take to your next trade show or industry fair, there’s one item that’s sure to be on your list – pens! Everyone needs pens and particularly at trade fairs, when delegates will be k ... ... Read More

Promotional Umbrellas – Amazing Features

Gareth Parkin asked: Every promotional gift is characterised by a number of features. While some of them excel in their performance because of their visual appeal, a few others do so because of their utility. The promotional umbrellas, however, possess these two important features. They are one of ... ... Read More

Best Pen Sets

Chris Shetler asked: Giving gifts is a very old tradition that all customs and civilizations have followed. Promotional gifts are a symbol of our happiness and token of our gratitude, which we want to express. Pen sets are one such gift that serves as a good personal or business gift. For many var ... ... Read More

Promo Pens for Salespersons

Gareth Parkin asked: The salespersons are highly mobile. They travel from place to place, interacting with the customers during most part of their active day. If you distribute promo pens among your sales executives and send them for the brand building campaign, you can earn a lot from it. When th ... ... Read More

Promotivation.co.uk Thinking Green With Recycled Usbs

Andrew Larter asked: The UK’s leading supplier of promotional gifts Promotivation.co.uk provides information about the latest addition to their promotional gift range; the new 100 per cent recycled plastic USB sticks     Promotivation.co.uk is a website that provides you with the largest choic ... ... Read More

The Relaunch of a Promotional Products Company, Gadget Pens the Business Gifts People

Gadget Pens asked: Gadget Pens, Challenging the Concept of the Pen In today business climate promotional gifts companies need to evolve to meet the requirements of cost conscious clients with reduced marketing budgets. Gadget Pens, a long standing player in the UK’s promotional products indu ... ... Read More

Usb Duplication Instead of CD or DVD Duplication

sam fergusson asked: With CDs and DVDs the most commonly used format for duplication or replication, most people do not always think of USB and will tend to go for CD duplication, DVD duplication or even CD packaging and DVD packaging. USB memory sticks are rapidly increasing in popularity and are ... ... Read More