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A Secure Flash Drive Can Avert Security Breaches

Rg Hannah asked: With the millions of flash drives in use today a secure flash drive is essential for averting breaches of security. The number of security breaches reported has risen almost 50% and is likely to continue to rise. While the secure flash drive has makes data incredibly mobile it als ... ... Read More

Sandisk Secure Usb Flash Drives Chosen by Howard Country Hospital

Rg Hannah asked: Howard County General Hospital in Columbia, Maryland, has selected SanDisk’s Cruzer® Enterprise secure USB flash drives and Central Management & Control (CMC) server software to protect highly confidential medical and organizational data. Part of the Johns Hopkins Medicine ... ... Read More

The Superior Security of USB Encryption

Rg Hannah asked: USB encryption prevents the unauthorized access by those thieves whose intention it is to make a profit from your proprietary data. Data thieves continue to be on the prowl and looking for companies with weak and ineffective security measures. USB encryption will provide the added ... ... Read More