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How Big Should A Business Be Before The Owner Finally Delegates Responsibilities?

I am in the family business and my mom is clearly strained… We are blessed to have business hand over fist even in this recession but that is not my problem, or question… My question is how can a small business owner learn to lay back enjoy the fruits of their labor??? I mean she has own ... ... Read More

Why Is My Hp Photosmart Printer Printing Colors Lighter Than They …

Everything was working fine with printing colored documents (mostly the headers on my boss’s letterhead) and then the other day he installed an Adobe update and I’m not sure if that is related to this but since then all the header … Read more from the original source: Why Is My Hp ... ... Read More

What Business Degree Should I Study In And Where?

I’m planning to get a business degree in the United States but I’m am unsure of what type of business I should major in or even where should i study in. I’m more of an entrepreneur-minded person and I have look into Business Administration for some time now. I’m more of creat ... ... Read More

What Should Be The Average Conditioning Of A Martial Arts Practitioner?

For eg, how many push-ups, sit-ups, bench-press, jogging time should they be able to do before beginning martial arts OR while practicing martial arts? Please feel free to include any other exercises a person should practice or be able to do while learning martial arts. ... ... Read More

Which Specific Business Degree Should I Get For Business Law?

I want to go to Law school for Business Law, but I know I need a four year degree in something else. I know getting a degree in Business is the most beneficial, but I noticed there were many different Business majors. So would the degree be Business- Pre-Law or Business Administration, etc.? I just ... ... Read More

What Business Minor Should I Get In Addition To Human Resource Management?

As a psych major I am well aware that my major is useless on its own so I am going to get some background in business by majoring in human resource management. My college also offers seven other business minors, accounting, business administration, economics, international business, management, mana ... ... Read More