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OC ReMix and Gaming Music | HardestLevel

ALSO – if anyone is a big fan of videogames and game music , you NEED to come to MAGfest ( music and gaming festival) – (http://magfest.org/) a music and gaming festival held right outside of DC in January 1-4. :) (Shameless plug for some … View original here:  OC ReMix and Gaming ... ... Read More

Why Do Some People Need More Social Interaction Than Others?

Some people can have very low amounts of interaction with other people, and still feel comfortable around them. On the other hand, some people need to be in constant/moderate interaction to be comfortable around people. ... ... Read More

How Do Some People Get To Be Fortunate Enough To Have Work @ Home Jobs, & They Don’t Help Others Get Them?

I mean, even if it ISN’T a home-based business. I hear how some people work @ home. How can some people be lucky like that if 97% of work @ home offers are scams? & for people who ARE successfully working from home, how come you can’t tell anyone what you do & how you get access ... ... Read More

What Are Some Good Performing Arts Summer Camps In Bc?

Either in BC or around BC. I want to go to a performing arts camp with my friend but we don’t know where to go. Preferably one that you get to stay in cabins cause thats more fun. ... ... Read More

How Are Some People Just So Naturally Outgoing?

I try SO hard, not to be so shy. I just don’t understand how people can just start talking about things to anyone. I can’t do it. I try to make myself not worry about others, and say whatever comes to my mind when I’m around them, I want to talk to people! But when I’m with ... ... Read More

What Are Some Good Arts And Crafts Ideas For Children Ages 5-12?

I am starting a community program for the children in my apartment complex. It will begin in two weeks. I am trying to come up with as many ideas for arts and crafts activities and othe games and activities. If you could give me some ideas and how to do it . Thank you. ... ... Read More

What Are Some Of The Better Performing Arts Schools In Connecticut?

I’m going into 8th grade and I want to go to a preforming arts school for dance, maybe this year, or maybe next year, and I can’t find any full-time public performing arts schools to go to instead of a regular school. If you can please give me wedsite names so that I can see what kinds o ... ... Read More

Why Do People Some People Consider Cleveland To Be A Dirty City?

I visited Cleveland last June and really enjoyed myself there. Before planning my trip, I read a couple a travel books and a few personal opinions on a travel site of people who had visited. Quite a few people regarded it as being a dirty city that offered visitors few entertainment sites; however, ... ... Read More