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Interplay games now on Steam

Steam has just added yet another publisher to its long list of companies that are contributing games to their library of downloadable PC game titles. See more here: Interplay games now on Steam ... ... Read More

QuakeCon 2009: Next Doom game news coming . . . for QuakeCon 2010

If you were wondering if there was going to be any news about id’s next major Doom game (also known as Doom IV) you are going to have to wait at least one more year. During id Software’s QuakeCon press conference today, id’s head man … Originally posted here:  QuakeCon 2009: ... ... Read More

Back and Forth: Time Travel In PC Games

With the upcoming demo of Darkest of Days coming up tomorrow, Big Download decided to look back and look forward at games that used time travel, alternate timelines or time manipulation as their main themes. Some of the games were well … More:  Back and Forth: Time Travel In PC Games ... ... Read More

Games Convention Online begins today in Leipzig

Last year, the Leipzig Games Convention was boasting of having over 200000 attendees who came to the single largest games convention in the world. However things are a little different this year for the event. With the major players of … View original post here:  Games Convention Online begin ... ... Read More

Dawn of War 2 update live, Relic games 50% off

To celebrate the release of the update, all Relic-developed games on Steam are now 50% off for this weekend only. This means that both the Company of Heroes and Dawn of War series are half off See the original post here:  Dawn of War 2 update live, Relic games 50% off ... ... Read More

Robot Entertainment licenses Vision Engine for first original game

Perhaps the highest profile of them is Robot Entertainment which is now the caretaker of the Age of Empires online community. That means Robot Entertainment is releasing new patches for the Age of Empires series of RTS games. … See more here:  Robot Entertainment licenses Vision Engine for fi ... ... Read More

Tons of Ubisoft games to be added to GameTap

The PC game subscription-download service GameTap has been adding more and more games to its library of titles. A few months ago it announced it would be adding titles from Microsoft and today the company announced a new deal with … Continued here:  Tons of Ubisoft games to be added to GameTa ... ... Read More

Mass Effect 1's save games will affect storyline in Mass Effect 2

Several months ago we were told that if we still had our save games for Mass Effect 1 to hold onto them because they could be used in the sequel Mass Effect 2. Now in a new chat with PCWorld.com, BioWare’s lead producer of the game … See the original post:  Mass Effect 1's save game ... ... Read More

DiRT 2 to get X-Games events

Codemasters’ upcoming off-road rracing game sequel DiRT 2 may have had its PC release date delayed until December but today the publsher announced a new partnership with the X- Games that will have three in- game events branded with the … Here is the original: DiRT 2 to get X-Games event ... ... Read More