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What’s A Good Business That I Can Do Working From Home? Any Ideas On Starting A Business?

My husband is stuck in a terrible job (like half the country!) and he’s always wanted to own his own business, but he’s not sure of what he wants to do… I was wondering if anyone has ever had their own business, and if so, what do you do? Also, has anyone been successful w/ a busin ... ... Read More

How Do The People That Live In Varansi And Drink Water From The Ganges And Bathe In It Stay Alive?

The Ganges is a literal sewer. It is completely black and septic. Every 7 kms there are 30 sewers pumping waste into it, and people dumb thousands of dead people, cattle, and dogs in it daily. People bathe in it, drink the water, go to the toilet in it and cook with the water! How are they not dead? ... ... Read More

How Is It Possible That Healthy People Can Get Cancer?

Despite healthy people eating the right and healthy foods with good exercise, how is it possible that these people who take good care of themselves get cancer? But isn’t it suppose to be the other way around? In other words, I mean that people who don’t take care of their health and eat ... ... Read More

What Is A Business That Can Not Be Enhanced By The Internet Called?

I am doing a research paper in which I am going to discuss E-commerce and internet businesses versus anti-internet businesses only that is not a real word. So please DON’T give me an obvious and idiotic answer like “business.” I am looking for businesses that do/can not use the int ... ... Read More

Are There Printing Companies That Will Donate Their Services To Non-profits?

I am a PR intern for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and my fellow interns and I are looking for printing companies that will donate their services. We are non-profit, so it’s tax deductible. I know it’s tough times financially these days, but any donations or discounts would go such ... ... Read More