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Political Calculations: How to Detect Junk Science

Most often, it depends upon the quality of the science or evidence supporting the action that is being promoted, and the only way to avoid serious disruption to one’s daily life is to develop the ability to determine the difference … View post: Political Calculations: How to Detect Junk ... ... Read More

Review of AN EDUCATION – The date film of the century

AN EDUCATION is Dead Poet’s Society if it was about a girl coming of age in pre-Beatles England and had nothing to do with a bunch of dudes at boarding school. It’s a great piece with all the right eerie twists and some of the best … Go here to see the original:  Review of AN EDUC ... ... Read More


So Monday at the last minute of last minuteness I was notified that I was to attend the opening of Creative Recreation’s The Collection Showroom in Beverly Hills/West Hollywood. Glad I attended, not only did I get to see the hard work … See the rest here:  Eazee Street: CREATIVE RECREAT ... ... Read More

The Medium-Format Photography | The Medium Format Camera Site

If you are looking for that uniquely professional look for your prints, you can achieve the same from digital printing companies that offer prompt and. More:  The Medium-Format Photography | The Medium Format Camera Site ... ... Read More


Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment . With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (www.Syfy.com), and a portfolio … See the original post: Breaking News – SYFY TEAMS ... ... Read More

Buy Blank T-Shirts Wholesale | klasikalbania.com

Are you interested in designing your own t-shirts? What kind of design do you want to have Read the original: Buy Blank T-Shirts Wholesale | klasikalbania.com ... ... Read More

Political Calculations: Average Lifetime Earnings Trajectories by …

We previously explored the relationship between age, education and inflation-adjusted earnings for another project, but we limited that study to just the first 25 years of a typical bachelor degree holder’s life after they graduated … Read the rest here: Political Calculations: Average L ... ... Read More

Instructions to help newbies in the wholesale biz – Black Hat Forum

I got my first introduction into the wholesale product pricing in one of my first wholesale consulting gigs. I was going over the prices of their best selling products to see the profit margins when I was impressed with just how low the … Read the original post: Instructions to help newbies in ... ... Read More

What Are The Challenges For Community Arts These Days?

I’m going to manage a community arts classes and make small festivals. Does anyone know what the challenges are? Thanks. ... ... Read More

'The Twilight Saga's New Moon': Pic of Volturi Members Leaked

How the members of evil vampire clan Volturi will look like in the highly anticipated “The Twilight Saga’s New Moon” has been teased through a newly-leaked photo. The fresh image features the head shot from five of the major Volturi … See the rest here:  'The Twilight Sa ... ... Read More