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Why Are There Evil People In The World? What Causes People To Commit Evil Crimes?

I am writing a journalism piece for my high school newspaper and want to see what people around the world think of criminals who kill for no reason, people who rape for no reason, and people who abuse their children for no reason. What causes these people to hurt others? ... ... Read More

Is There An Effective Way To Easily Compare Printing Services In Terms Of Cost And Quality?

There are seemingly thousands of different printing services out there, but it seems very difficult to compare among them. I find myself visiting many different companies and spending a great deal of time trying to compare them. There are price comparison search engines for products, but I don’ ... ... Read More

Are There Printing Companies That Will Donate Their Services To Non-profits?

I am a PR intern for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and my fellow interns and I are looking for printing companies that will donate their services. We are non-profit, so it’s tax deductible. I know it’s tough times financially these days, but any donations or discounts would go such ... ... Read More

Is There A Fine Arts Museum With Online Activities For Children?

I’m looking for a website for a fine arts museum with interactive games or activities that are art related, any ideas? ... ... Read More

Is There A Creative Way To Print My Own Poster Without The Poster Printing Software?

My printer doesn’t have a poster printing feature. Is there a creative (clever) way of printing several pages and coming up with some sort of colorful 18×24 or larger decorative design to frame and hang? ... ... Read More