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How To Keep Students From Printing On Windows And Microsoft Office?

Hi, I work in a high school library and in the interest of saving paper I was wondering if there was a way to block students from printing until they get permission from the Library staff. For instance, is there a way that when a student goes to print a paper either online or on Microsoft Word that ... ... Read More

Why Do People Attempt To Reinforce Or Push Their Opinions On Others Through Questions?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the time on Y!A, people who post questions aren’t actually looking for an answer, but instead a statement that will reinforce their opinion. Usually when someone responds with an answer they disagree with, they attempt to argue/debate with it. And other times, ... ... Read More

How To Start A Business Website Cheap And Easy?

A family friend of ours has just started a small business venture. The business is related with designer bags and women accessories. Our friend wants to explore export opportunities and she needs a simple website and maybe develop it into a sophisticated one once the business grows so that through t ... ... Read More

How To Educate Yourself In The Fine Arts?

I graduated college a few years ago and do not have the time to go back and study the fine arts I wish I had back then. Now when I am at dinner parties and social events, I don’t feel that I can hold my own in conversations about great literature and fine art. My question is: what would you r ... ... Read More

I Want To Attend A Performing Arts School To Play My Instrument?

What schools are there that I can go to that are for the performing arts. I wish to attend one and play my sax. ... ... Read More

Are Atheists And People To Whom Religion Is Of Low Importance, Generally Less Biased And Prejudiced?

Less than religious people, of course. It’s just that religious people seem to me to be very biased and prejudiced, I mean, they attach so much importance to their particular brand of reality rejectionism and will often judge people solely on whether or not they accept the same stuff without evide ... ... Read More

What Causes Old People To Become Childish In Mentality?

When they get older , many older people become childish thinking. Thinking about very trivial things and act like little children about things. What is the cause of this? I know it is a form of seniality , but could sombody explain what is happening in their body or brain? Also does this happen ... ... Read More

I Want To Learn Screen Printing And Want To Start A Home Business, How Do I Go About It?

I mean, what kind of equipment will I need? How much about screen printing should I know? ... ... Read More

Is It Possible To Build Business Credit With A Small Home-based Business?

I have a small e-business, and I would like to know if it’s possible to build a significantly high level business credit score? Also, can you build a business using business credit? ... ... Read More

Overweight People Need To Start Paying More For Health And Life Insurance?

I think the time has come for overweight to start pulling their weight a bit more. There are so many problems associated with obessity. We go after smokers by taxing the hell out of their habit why do overweight people get a free ride? And please dont tell me that they cant help it. Poor eating habi ... ... Read More