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What Type Of Martial Arts Should I Learn?

I am a 17 year old female and I’m going off to college next year. I want to take a martial arts class that teaches me self defense and is a good workout at the same time. I was told not to take Jujitsu because that is a type of martial arts that deals with overpowering an opponent and becaus ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Is Preformed In The Usa Series Burn Notice?

In Burn Notice i see that “Michael Westen” has 2 black belts in martial arts. I am interested in taking those classes, but dont know what type of martial arts it is. Also what type of Martial arts is taught to Covert Operatives or Special Forces? Thanks ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Would You Recommend For A 13 Year Old Looking To Start?

I’m 13 and I want to get into some type of martial arts program, I would greatly appreciate it if someone would know what type would be best. I want mostly a better outlet to chanel anger and stress and I would like to learn better self control. I want something I can hard work for and and foc ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Is Good For Complete Beginners?

I’m a very active male who would like to get into martial arts for the added flexibility and conditioning. Any suggestions? There are a lot of options in my area. ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Should I Start Taking Classes In?

I prefer a type that is STRICTLY self-defense. I have taken classes in TaiChi before, but I would like to practice something that is a little more “physically energetic” so to speak. However, I have heard that TaiChi is the Grandmaster of Martial Arts. Is this true? I am looking for som ... ... Read More

What Type Of Martial Arts Should I Do?

I do not know what type of martial arts to do. It has to be defence but i dont want a really popular one like karate or tae kwan do. What would you suggest? ... ... Read More

What Type Of Arts And Crafts Activity Would A 13 Year Old Boy Like To Do On A Family Beach Vacation?

The 13 year old is my nephew and it is an annual beach trip with his parents,his 11 year old brother, his 7 year old sister, my mom and my 7 year old daughter. We have always had a great time doing arts and crafts but last year I realized that he was getting a little old for the stuff we have always ... ... Read More