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The Wolfman Movie Trailer | /Film

Now over a year later, after some reshoots, effects tweaks and a couple of release date changes for the film , the trailer is online for your perusal. Yahoo has the clip for the update of the classic film , starring Benicio Del Toro, … View post: The Wolfman Movie Trailer | /Film ... ... Read More

Inception Teaser Trailer Description and Possible Plot Details | /Film

DiCaprio and his team work to enter the minds of other characters in order to retrieve/plant information. The trailer description leads me to believe that there might be some truth to this storyline. Thanks to / Film reader Ben M for the … Go here to read the rest:  Inception Teaser Trailer D ... ... Read More

Guy Ritchie Partly Confirms Moriarty Rumors | /Film

These aren’t details relating to the main plot of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movie, but you may still feel they ruin some of the film’s surprises for you. Continue carefully, and definitely don’t click after the break unless you … The rest is here: Guy Ritchie Partly ... ... Read More

Bronson Domestic Movie Trailer: It's Inglourious! | /Film

It isn’t difficult to see the influence of those bloody red and white posters for Inglourious Basterds in this first trailer for Magnolia/Magnet’s domestic release of the excellent Nicolas Winding Refn film Bronson. … Read the original post: Bronson Domestic Movie Trailer: It's ... ... Read More

Disney Announces D23 Expo Movie Event Line-Up | /Film

If I wasn’t in Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival at the same time, I would be at the D23 Expo checking things out. The event line-up includes exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming films like A Christmas Carol, Tim Burton’s … More here: Disney Announces D23 Expo Movie E ... ... Read More

Oliver Stone Tells the Secret History of America | /Film

Stone said in a press statement that the series is “the deepest contribution I could ever make in film to my children and the next generation. I can only hope a change in our thinking will result.” No air date has yet been set for the … See the rest here:  Oliver Stone Tells the Secret Hi ... ... Read More

Many More Added to Mother's Day Remake: Jaime King, Alexa Vega …

“I’ve done three Saw films , I’ve done Repo, and yes, this is horrific at times, but it’s much darker and deeper because of the focus on the characters.” To that effect, he’s expanded the cast of the original to some degree (as we … Original post: Many More Added to ... ... Read More

Rosario Dawson Jumps On Tony Scott's Runaway Train Movie …

Insulting the author, / Film , or other commenters will result in comment removal and possible ban. If you want to point out a typo, correction, suggestion or criticism for / Film , please email us instead. Please use your name or nickname … Continued here: Rosario Dawson Jumps On Tony Scott&# ... ... Read More

The Time Traveler's Wife Becoming a TV Series | /Film

I was definitely not impressed with Robert Schwnetke’s direction of the film adaptation. At best it was quite perfunctory stuff, while some of his choices seemed just plain crazy. Those curious zip-pans were particularly baffling to me, … Excerpt from: The Time Traveler's Wife Becomi ... ... Read More

James McAvoy To Star In Seth Rogen's Other Cancer Comedy | /Film

I would have thought that any serious illness-related comedies /dramedies in Hollywood would have fallen into development hell after the less than expected box office take of Judd Apatow’s Funny People, which also co-starred Rogen. … View original here: James McAvoy To Star In Seth Rogen ... ... Read More