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What Are The Challenges For Community Arts These Days?

I’m going to manage a community arts classes and make small festivals. Does anyone know what the challenges are? Thanks. ... ... Read More

What Are Examples Of Liberal Arts Classes?

I’m getting ready to go to college but I need two liberal arts electives. I’m not sure of which classes fall under the category of liberal arts. What are the liberal arts classes? ... ... Read More

What Subjects In Arts Are The Most Beneficial To A Future Career?

By Arts I dont mean art, i mean the study of humanities like english , french, sociology, all that kind of thing. ... ... Read More

What Is The Most Accredited Martial Arts School In The Cleveland Area?

I want to start taking a course in martial arts, however, I believe that the quality of training is more important than the specific style. Who is the best in the Cleveland,oh area? ... ... Read More

What Is A Good Printer For Printing Photos?

I wanted to buy a printer that is very good at printing digital photos from my computer. I was looking at the Canon iPixma printers. They seem good. What do you think? Also, are all photo papers the same or are some better? ... ... Read More

What Is The Relation Between Martial Arts And Health?

Is it good or bad for health? What is the advantages and disadvantages of practising martial arts? ... ... Read More

What Is An Example Of A Fine Arts Class In A Block Schedule?

I am going to be a freshman and have to take one fine arts class in my block schedule. What would the name of the class be. Here are some examples of classes i can take that seem like fine art classes:Theatre arts, public speaking, communications, individual and society, and art. ... ... Read More

What Percentage Of Students Who Submit Arts Supplements Get Into Ivy League Schools?

I was just curious to know what kind of advantage a student has in getting into top schools if he or she submits the arts supplement portion of the college application (assuming that his or her grades/test scores are equal to those of other applicants) ... ... Read More

What Causes Old People To Become Childish In Mentality?

When they get older , many older people become childish thinking. Thinking about very trivial things and act like little children about things. What is the cause of this? I know it is a form of seniality , but could sombody explain what is happening in their body or brain? Also does this happen ... ... Read More

What Is The Most Memorable Performing Arts Performance You Have Attended, And Why?

As the Director of the Singapore Arts Festival, I love to hear what performances people have enjoyed, so share with me one that has left a deep impression on you. ... ... Read More