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What’s A Good Business That I Can Do Working From Home? Any Ideas On Starting A Business?

My husband is stuck in a terrible job (like half the country!) and he’s always wanted to own his own business, but he’s not sure of what he wants to do… I was wondering if anyone has ever had their own business, and if so, what do you do? Also, has anyone been successful w/ a busin ... ... Read More

What’s The Difference Between Screen Printing And Digital Printing Regarding Custom T-shirt Design?

I”m putting a digital image of 3 or 4 colors on a dark t-shirt. What’s better, screen printing or digital? Or rather, what are the pros and cons… or are they basically the same? Noob here, looking for a tip. Thanks! ... ... Read More

What’s The Difference Between Culinary Arts And Baking?

I really like making cakes and things, and I want a future that involves that. I looked at some University things and was wondering what the difference between baking and culinary arts is, like, isn’t culinary arts just food in general? And which one is more successful in the world? Do bake ... ... Read More

What’s The Difference Between People To People And People To People International?

I recently searched “People to People” on Google and it came up with 2 main organizations: People to People International and People to People. What is the difference between these 2 organizations? Thanks for any answers:) ... ... Read More