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Why Do People Attempt To Reinforce Or Push Their Opinions On Others Through Questions?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the time on Y!A, people who post questions aren’t actually looking for an answer, but instead a statement that will reinforce their opinion. Usually when someone responds with an answer they disagree with, they attempt to argue/debate with it. And other times, ... ... Read More

Why Do Some People Need More Social Interaction Than Others?

Some people can have very low amounts of interaction with other people, and still feel comfortable around them. On the other hand, some people need to be in constant/moderate interaction to be comfortable around people. ... ... Read More

Why Does My Bird Keep Printing Pictures Of Paper Airplanes?

My bird keeps printing pictures of paper airplanes. He leaves them all over the house, and then will look at them when he eats. Why does he do this? ... ... Read More

Why Are People Too Lazy To Use Oil Paint?

Why are so many people too lazy to use oil/Alkyd paint? Really, washing your hands and brushes with a bit of Varsol is not a terrible chore. Or here si an idea…toss the god damed brush, they are cheap and not really reusable anyways. Alkyd paint is so much nicer, its thick, water proof, better ... ... Read More

Why Are There Evil People In The World? What Causes People To Commit Evil Crimes?

I am writing a journalism piece for my high school newspaper and want to see what people around the world think of criminals who kill for no reason, people who rape for no reason, and people who abuse their children for no reason. What causes these people to hurt others? ... ... Read More

Why Do People Get Annoyed At Others Who Speak Their Language?

Hi, I’m from England and I often hear from some of my fellow Englishmen that they hate they way Americans spell and a pronounce words in the English language (I find those people who bash Americans for these to be ignorant morons). Anyway, I’d like to know if this sort of thing happens b ... ... Read More

Why Do People Some People Consider Cleveland To Be A Dirty City?

I visited Cleveland last June and really enjoyed myself there. Before planning my trip, I read a couple a travel books and a few personal opinions on a travel site of people who had visited. Quite a few people regarded it as being a dirty city that offered visitors few entertainment sites; however, ... ... Read More

Why People Knows The Right Way In Investment & He Willing To Teach Others While He Can Make A Lot Of Money?

Why some smart people knows the way about investment and he could make a lot of money, BUT still want to teach others how to invest? For example, like some people play stock market. They willing to tell people what would be the trend of a stock or they would write a book to let other people know how ... ... Read More

Why People Are Giving Only Archaeological Values To The Relics Of Saints?

They are not kept in ice or herbs or something like that. And there were other people(monks) buryed in the same place as the relics of saints and they have rotted. There is no logical explanation for this. Why people say that there must be an logic explanation ? Is not that a cover for the their w ... ... Read More

Why Do People Ignore Or Deny The Existence Of Decent Black People?

Why is it that when the few black people that some people know are those rude, uneducated inner-city ghetto folk on welfare, they insist that every black is like that? There are some good and educated black people out there, but some of you people always just disregard them just because there are ba ... ... Read More