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Do You Need A Business License If You Have A Business Degree?

I have created a business but want to be sure all of my t’s are crossed and all of my i’s are dotted. I have a business degree, I want to be sure I do not have to back it up with a business license? Some people have advised me to get one just to be on the safe side. ... ... Read More

Do You Think A Fee Based Business Acquaintance Service Can Be A Profitable Industry?

Everyone has some business acquiantance that can help others to do successful business. How to let all of them know each other. Fee based business acquitantance service may do it. Big business service ? Profitbale business service ? Let me know. Great thanks. ... ... Read More

How Do You Take Plastic Printing Off A Polyester Shirt?

I have a soccer jersey (made with polyester) that has some old, fading plastic printing on it, what kind of chemical solution/ liquid can I use to scrub it away? Thanks. ... ... Read More

How Do You Stop A Printer From Printing The Same Thing?

I am doing research on my Apache heradage. So I printed a 20 page document of information. The problem is the printer keeps printing the same document over and over agan. Someone please help me! ... ... Read More

Grazia Fashion: Friday shopping fix: Beach chic!

No-one nails beach babe better than LA chicks and as our favourite The City star… Original post: Grazia Fashion: Friday shopping fix: Beach chic! ... ... Read More