Mp3 Players Versus Mp4 Players

steve alfred asked:

Do you currently have an mp3 player or an mp4 player? In your personal opinion,Which do you think is better and more beneficial.This has been an ongoing debate for some time.No just kidding, It’s quite obvious that mp4 players are superior.Well, that’s my view anyway, although I am very sure that alot of people will also agree with me.Mp3 players were obviously first to enter the market back in 1997 and have been a major success since then.Because of their small size they are very convenient not only for people to fit them in the smallest of compartments or pockets but also utilise them when they do exercise at the gym,ride a bike,travel to work or simpy just for recreational usage.But lets face it, the mp3 player basically only plays audio songs and besides that unfortunately does not have much more to offer to people.This is where mp4 players have take over and have the extreme upper hand.Along with Mp4 players came the introduction of video playback and recording functions which were previously not available with the origional mp3 players.But this is only the beginning.Lets look at the Mp4 player features and factors to consider:

1.The size of the MP4 player factor.There different sizes of mp4 players. Some have larger

screens than others, the inclusion of video playback capability, hard drive and others.The

LCD screens commonly come in sizes of 1.8”,2”,2.5” and 3”.Once again the bigger the LCD

screen on the MP4 player,the better.the price,however might tend to shoot up a bit.

2.The next factor we will talk about is AV/IN and AV/OUT capabilities with Line in recording. This feature is common but it is important to make sure the MP4 player you wish to purchase supports at

least one or both of these ports. It should also support both NTSC and PAL.This feature will obviously allow you to playback video images or movies from the MP4 Player to your TV screen

and alternatively allow you to record TV programs or movies onto your MP4 player.

3.Mp4 players may have other features such as an FM tuner ,audio recording capability, small notebook functions etc.

4.USB connection speed to the PC, which affects the rate at which you can upload movies,images and audio mp3’s from your PC to the MP4 portable device.The latest mp4 player models today commonly support high speed USB 2.0 transfer. Others also support Firewire.

Apart from all the above factors you can also watch any movies and other videos on you small

LCD screen , it also offers other useful and handy features such as the ability to do voice recording,notebook functions for storing data,alarm clocks,calendars to mark important dates,simple games like the ones on cell phones and the use of memory card ports for those who need to utilise more memory.The bestfunction is the ability to encode and playback your favourite movies or music videos on the mp4 player itself.Some mp4 player also give you the ability to playback the video from your mp4 player to you Television screen.Now clearly the mp4 player is slightly bigger than the mp3 player due to the fact that it has an LCD screen.But once again that should not affect your decision.

So you be the decider of which one is more useful and easy to use.Mp4 players are clearly a thing of the future but I’m sure there are alot of folks who would rather be happier with an mp3 player

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