PLASTICOS as included in List of Nonprofit Organizations

Janie W. Puentes asked:

Today the world is suffering from global crises like for example the financial instability of different countries in the world. With this kind of scenario, can we still see the spirit of charity?

Human being is born with an innate love to help his fellowmen in any form, in any ways. He will find a way to help other people. Now that many hardships are coming into our way, still there are non-governmental groups, foundations, and organizations that are willing to help the less fortunate people. Read the newspaper, watch the news from televisions, or browse the internet and you will see the list of nonprofit organizations in the world that are helping people in deprived communities despite the global crises.

Plasticos Foundation being one of those philanthropic organizations in the world is an active plastic surgery foundation that focuses on helping and improving the lives of children with body deformities through plastic surgery. Most of their patients who undergo such medical procedure have difficult and primitive conditions such as cleft, cleft palate, hare lip, webbed hands or feet, burn scars, and tumors. But because of the determination to help and the spirit of love, care, and kindness of the said organization, a new door of hope has been opened for the children. As the children walk into this door, they will deeply understand that they are part of the society.

Yes, there is a global problem existing now, but you will see that the big list of nonprofit organizations in the world is not affected or getting small in number, but in contrary it is increasing. It is because each people have an inherited love for his fellow. There is no such thing as difficult in a family that is helping each other.

Plasticos Foundation including the other philanthropic organizations in the world should be given recognition for the expression of kindness that they contributing to the world. They are the reflection of God’s great love for his people and they are just giving it back as a sign of love for Him. Any form of help is highly appreciated by God. Helping with love is very meaningful in his eyes than helping people just for the fame. These organizations are the things that the world should be proud of and we should be thankful that because of God’s gift for the people, the love for others, there is no such word as PROBLEM.

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