Cool Science Projects for Kids

diane asked:

Have you ever wondered why students and parents alike dislike 4th grade science projects so strongly? Once again, we look forward to the mandatory and yearly stunning displays of the 4th grade science project. Why are these assigned, are they actually a requirement, and what is the point in doing an 4th grade science project? These questions and many more are often the fuel used to light fires by parents all over, because they seem to lack an understanding of the need for an 4th grade science project.

If you stop for a moment and take a look at what the main excuse is for not having a 4th grade science project turned in on time, you may be surprised to find that most parents are in fact guilty of taking over their child’s(rens) 4th grade science project in an attempt to turn it in on time. Most of this dislike of 4th grade science projects is due in part from a lack of adhering to the schedule set by their instructors, which allows them to end up late for everything and rushing at the last minute to create an 4th grade science project that was spanned over several months, into one night before it is due. By allowing this reaction to an 4th grade science project to become normal behavior, we are, in essence, setting ourselves up for future disasters by creating mindless generations that have no understanding of how to organize, plan, exert effort, and use their brains.

We are teaching our children, by allowing them to procrastinate, when it comes to their 4th grade science project that it is all right to let things slide, to plan for another day because we do not feel like doing something today. Not only are the children who are supposed to be doing the 4th grade science project, being given a bad example, but also they are being shown that no matter what mistakes they make, their mom and dad will do the work for them — regardless of the consequences.

A bit dramatic to make as a statement from why children have been lazy in the past when it comes to completing a 4th grade science project? I think not. It is our duty as parents to encourage our children to do their best in all their endeavors, even the 4th grade science project, and everything else in life. We never know when that one action we encouraged could lead to their main future direction. Ultimately, the way we allow our children to develop, even from completing an 4th grade science project, is the kind of adults we are encouraging them to be. Do we have secret desires for our children to end up as bums on the street? Perhaps we would prefer them to have no jobs for the duration of their adult life. These statements are not only ridiculous, but they hold no weight as being valid either.

We all want the best for our children, and if it means suffering through complaints and sighs of frustration until we have taught them the importance of the 4th grade science project, and how it will affect their outlook on life, then so be it.

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