Red Hat Society: Fun For All

MaryAnn Farnsworth asked:

What is the Red Hat Society and how long has it been in existence? How did this group get started and how can I join? These questions will be answered in Part One of this article.

The Red Hat Society is sometimes referred to as a “dis-organization” because there are so few requirements and rules. Many organizations have lots of guidelines and rules to follow. This is not what the Red Hat Society is all about.

This group is mostly about women over 50 having a great time and making new friendships. The chapters are open to all women and there is no discrimination allowed. It is a group that caters to older women although women under 50 are allowed to be part of the fun. Instead of wearing a red hat and purple clothing, those under 50 wear pink hats and lavender attire.

The Red Hat Society was begun by a woman named Sue Ellen Cooper. Sue Ellen and a few of her friends got the idea from a poem entitled, “Warning” which mentions wearing a red hat and purple clothing while growing old. The group has evolved into an organization that has over one million members worldwide. The Red Hat Society was established in 1998.

You can join an existing group or start a chapter in your area. All of the membership information is available online and it is easy to join or begin a new chapter. If you are looking for an existing chapter in your area you will be able to find out all about it on the website.

A regular membership is a possibility and this allows for activities, fun and partial access to the Red Hat Society online community. There is a purple perks membership that is available. When you sign up to receive this type of membership you will qualify for discounts and special benefits.

The Red Hat Society is a wonderful experience for older women. Who says getting older is no fun?

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